Upcoming Giveaway: Bella Holiday Beauty Event

Date Wed, November 19 2014

bella holiday

Participants posting this giveaway will receive either 1 free Twitter or Pinterest Link or Instagram, your choice. Additional links may be purchased via paypal for $.1.00 with limit 4 (No Google or FB likes links allowed or vote for me pages) Free links for those posting opportunity! You may opt out of post for $5.00

Vote for me pages are $2.00 each if you desire.
Secret Word Pages or Blog Comments $3.00 each
C0-Host Pages available to include all of the above is $6.00 (4 links, vote for me, and secret word or blog comment)

Mandatory comments for giveaway so bloggers all get comments. Upgrade for comments on a specific page for $3 (limit 1).

Payments to be made via paypal to joan_penfold@yahoo.com as a GIFT. Please note giveaway name in comments. All payments are non-refundable for ANY REASON, so think before you pay!!!

Sign-ups ending 11/19 at 9:00 EST. Blogger referring most participants will get free Vote for Me link.

Sign up here!

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