Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Date Sat, January 29 2011

It’s hard to believe that it is almost Valentine’s Day. It has been a couple years since I celebrated one with someone I love but I am hopeful for this year. Even a single Cole is one who believes in a thing called love and who can look, fondly, upon the things she’s done for love. I take solace in the fact that few people can say they’ve flown around the world for love–multiple times–and I know that no one can say I haven’t gone the distance for love. Perhaps surprisingly, I would be completely willing to go just as far for love if the opportunity would present itself again.

I might start with a Valentine’s Day card (like the ones that Tiny Prints provides), of course. Drastic measures come with time. I’ve always enjoyed picking out cards for special days and events but, sometimes, just to pick them out. Because my preferred form of communication relies upon words, greeting cards have always been something I’ve enjoyed giving and receiving.

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