Date Wed, December 31 2008

Just a casual review tonight. I’m a huge fan of Ferrero Rocher candies which are a decadent, hazelnut treat. Evert holiday, the company releases some bulk packages of the candy which are usually shaped ‘decoratively.’ Ryan recently bought me the 32 count Ferrero Collection from Wal-mart, in the Christmas candy aisle. Not only does it include traditional Ferrero Rocher candies but 2 (new?) different kinds as well: Ferrero Roudnoir and Ferrero Garden. The former is a dark chocolate candy made with crispy wafer and coated in tiny chocolate balls (or something of the sort) which hides the inner creamyness and a bit of cocoa butter while the other is a lighter treat with a white chocolate-like outside, coated in coconut. The Garden variety has a cream center with a piece of almond. As a dark chocolate lover, I thought I’d like the Rondnoir best. I was wrong.

I am usually not a big coconut fan but Ferrero Garden candies are delicious and offer the same decadence as regular Ferrero Rochers. There’s layer after layer of ingredients which melt in your mouth and taste delightful on your tongue. The Ferrero Garden is a perfect blend of tastes. This is not something which is easily mimicked and I’ve always loved the Rochers for seeming just so, well, classy!

It’s not that the dark chocolate Ferrero candies are bad, quite the opposite. I just don’t think it help up quite as well as I would expect from the company and the cocoa butter center might be just a bit too much. I like the nuts, they add a little je ne sais quois. I also find that the crumb coating is very messy and little chocolate balls seem to get all over the place.

However, it’s a great package overall with half of the candies being Rocher. It would be a great Christmas gift or sometihng to set out at a party of to snack on over coffee. Ferrero candies usually come in clear plastic trays which exhibit their lovely foil packaging so the Ferrero Collection could easily be a centerpiece, if you wanted it to be.

Helpful Hint: Ferrero candies should never be eaten quickly, but savoured and nibbledd.

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