7 Website Safety Checking Tools

Date Mon, June 25 2012

Recently, one of my websites was hacked. As I was performing cleaning that was, thankfully, pretty quick and easy, I wanted to look for some tools to check existing files. I had one in mind, but a Google search actually pointed out that every anti-virus company out there has their own tool to check websites, whether your own or the site of someone else, for vulnerabilities and compromises. Now ,you could just as easily use these sites to verify that the link in your email that’s supposedly from eBay or PayPal actually is and keep yourself safe. As a website owner, however, I see another use: periodically checking the security of my own websites. Hackers can be pretty sneaky, especially if you don’t often check your websites.

Without further ado, here are three tools that let you check any website for safety*:

  1. Norton Safe Web
  2. McAfee Site Advisor
  3. AVG Threat Labs
  4. Unmark Parasites
  5. WOT
  6. URL Void (multi-checker)
  7. Trend Micro Site Safety


*Note that these usually do not differentiate between a main domain and a subdomain. Thus, my personal blog appears as compromised on Norton’s Safe Web checker, because my writing blog is a subdomain of that. I’m also not positive how often these tools update, because the file that Norton lists no longer exists.

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