Absence of Cole

Date Fri, February 12 2010

I haven’t been doing much on the internet lately. I sign on to check my e-mail and, if I want to reply, have to open Firefox in addition to Thunderbird because mom’s antivirus won’t let me reply. How lame, right? Then I hit up Lavish, Bijoux and a few other forums (if I remember) before signing off. Sometimes I catch Dez but I’m so tired because the only time I have to check is right before bed that we usually don’t say much. So if you haven’t seen me around your blog or community or in your e-mail that’s exactly why. My usual activities have taken a bit of a back seat because I’m doing stuff and sometimes just because I hate being on another person’s computer. I’ve had to cut out a lot of things I did when I just had time to waste (likes games or reading reviews like this adipex review) but that’s okay because I’ve learned that life goes on even if I don’t sign online. gasp!

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