Be Thankful

Date Sat, May 19 2012

When I was going through my divorce in San Antonio, I bought some erasable markers and started a list of things for which I was grateful on my bathroom mirror. I didn’t have the room to continue the list since I moved back to Wisconsin, but I did add a couple remarks to my mirror.

  1. “You Are awesome”
  2. Be Thankful

These are just two things I sometimes need to be reminded of. The second one is actually pretty recent, and I added it after reading a quote on Pinterest. It read, roughly: what if you woke up tomorrow and only have the things you thanked God for today. Now, I’m not religious, but it got me to thinking. I often struggled with my anxiety but being grateful is something that is not only becomes more difficult with anxiety but it can ease anxiety. Double-edge sword and all. Still, I wanted to be more grateful and making a running list makes me feel pretty awesome.

For example, I’ve been able to get gift cards for working with websites like EdenFantasys. I’ve tried some pretty awesome products because of this blog — and for free! I’ve even made some money. Aside from my websites, I’ve had a fantastic time recently with my best friend, who just moved back to the area.

One thing that I am consistently grateful for is a hot shower, with a great-smelling body wash . Starting the day off feeling fresh and clean does wonders for my mood. Sometimes, I’ll be in a funk and forget how much those simple things can do to lift me up. It’s that much easier to feel good, mentally and emotionally, when some awesome bath products have left my smelling good.

Sure, nothing’s perfect but, then again, nothing ever will be. There will always be trials. The best part, though? It will always pass.

In the spirit of being thankful, I’d like to thank you. Thank for you the review and giveaway opportunities. Thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you for entering giveaways. Thank you for following on Twitter and liking on Facebook. Thank you for the conversation and food for thought. I am forever in your debt.


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