Best Show Ever: Rocco’s Modern Life

Date Tue, July 12 2011

Contribution by Johnny Avila

Rocco’s Modern Life is one of the greatest shows to have ever been shown on Nickelodeon. I truly loved watching this show all the time in 5th grade. I remember watching this show all the time with my younger sisters. We would always gather around the television on weekends and watch this show for hours. There was nothing we would rather do than watch this hilarious show.

This show is one of the greatest to watch. I love watching past episodes of this on my satellite television from There is truly nothing greater than watching this show. I love seeing the episodes and how Rocco simply dealt with his crazy life in the show. There were the most hilarious episodes of this show, featuring the sarcastic character of Rocco. I think it is funny that the writers of this show created such a sarcastic show for kids. This show was truly one of the most sarcastic programs on television, and at the time, I had no idea what the humor even meant. When I watch the episodes now, I laugh so hard because I understand a lot of the subtle humor in the program. It is truly hilarious to see how much one knew when one was younger, compared to older years where one knows a lot more. It is such a great program to watch now.

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