BzzAgent’s New Scoring System: What Do You Think?

Date Fri, March 9 2012

BzzAgent is one of the better organized networks that I use to receive products for review. I’ve had a decent experience from but, but things really seemed to go downhill over the last six months or so. There’s a couple things that you need to know, for this post to make sense:

  • Participants must be invited to and accept a campaign in order to receive products to review
  • Campaigns became available to participates who were active and highly rated and relevant to the campaign (relevance was determined by surveys)
  • Participants earned credit for filing Bzz reports that outlined how participants were spreading the buzz about products. Participants could submit reports for blogs, online reviews, face-to-face conversations and posting on Twitter, for example.
  • Activity boosted the member’s rank. Ranks were determined with cutesy descriptions such as “Busy Bee.” Higher ranks received earlier invites to campaigns. Lower ranked members missed out on campaigns, thus having no opportunity to complete more campaign activity to raise rank. It was a catch-22

Despite being active, completing many reports for each campaign and finishing every survey, I wasn’t being invited to campaigns. However, that all has changed. BzzAgent has released a new score system from 0 to 10. Boy, was I surprised to log in and see that I had a 9.6 or so. I completed a single survey and I was at a 10! I finally felt like I was rewarded for my hard work and I immediately was invited to a new campaign. I’ve had a lot more surveys, too. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

There are a couple caveats and folks have definitely been piping up about them on BzzAgent’s Facebook page. If you don’t connect your Facebook or Twitter, you cannot possibly be ranked at a 10. It’s a bit unfair, but it also makes sense. As a BzzAgent, my job is to start conversations and what better way than through social media? Connecting my accounts makes it easier to start those conversations on Facebook or Twitter.

Survey completion is also incredibly important. I have always completed mine. After all, it helps me to qualify for more free stuff! However, I’m logging in even more frequently because I love seeing that big green 10!

The system is also not without its glitches as some activity has made scores go down. It’s still in beta, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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  1. Sarah May 11 2012 @ 8:47 am

    As a new member, it seems like it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to raise my score! I’ve been stuck at a lousy 3.4 since joining. I’ve connected to Facebook and Twitter, and have completed all the surveys. As far as I can tell, the only way I can raise my score is by participating in a campaign, but I can’t participate in a campaign until I raise my score!! So frustrating! I was hoping to be invited to the Dr. Scholl’s campaign, since it was apparently the biggest ever, but no such luck.

    Oh well… seems like BzzAgent isn’t good for new members, just lucky established members like you! I’m so jealous!

  2. Cole May 11 2012 @ 3:00 pm

    Actually, this was far from true for a long time. I’d been a member for at least a year, but it wasn’t until the score revamp that I was able to get new and worthwhile campaigns — even though I’d actively participated. I can tell you that adding Twitter and Facebook help raise your rank as well as completing surveys (even though we don’t get notices of them).

    I also see you didn’t list a website. I think you’ll do better if you have one that you post reviews to.

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