How to Find and Support Independent Musicians

Date Tue, April 29 2014

Once upon a time, I loved MySpace. Do you know why? Sure, editing my profile with CSS was sUuuUpper cool at the time, but I loved discovering new music. MySpace made it easy to find and connect with indie artists. I still listen to some of them. However, I had to find another way to experience new music. Fortunately, I’ve found a few ways to find

Find New Music You'll Love

Find New Music You’ll Love


I’ve found many of the artists that I now love on YouTube. It’s not as easy to navigate music as it once was, but it’s still as easy for people to record a video in their basement and upload it to the site. Many of the artists that I’ve found — including 2 Cellos, Kurt Sneider and Sam Tsui and Boyce Avenue have had great success and not just on Youtube. They’re able to make their own albums and tour, which is awesome! The apt-titled New Music channel on Youtube has quickly become one of my favs! When you find someone you like, click on their ads to help them out.


Now, SoundCloud doesn’t exist solely for music. The other day, I searched for SEO podcasts and listened to a few. There’s also comedy clips, but SoundCloud does seem to focus on music. Indie Rock has its own category page, where you can listen to music. However, there are plenty of categories. Add songs to your favorite, follow links to iTunes and share links on social media to help out your new, favorite artist.

Indie Rock Cafe

This is a website that makes it easy to find new indie music. The blog features artists every week, has playlists and even offers mixes. I’ve never been a mixtape tape, but you might like this feature if you are! You can view last year’s top picks or browse links to videos from indie artists such as Null Device,  Arcade Fire, Placebo and dozens of artists that I’ve never heard of! Head to the artist websites to learn more about them and buy some music when you’re done!


I’ve written about Amazon MP3 before. I don’t use the app anymore, sadly, since they started charging, but you can find plenty of new music for free. I often link to Amazon MP3 on Reviews by Cole on Facebook. Amazon has an entire page of free music just like it does free books. When you find someone you love, purchase MP3s — many of which are under $1 — to show your support.

Advertise Your Music with TuneCore

Here’s a bonus for all your crooners, guitar strummers and drum hitters (Okay, that one’s a little silly!). TuneCore is a site where musicians can go to promote their music. It combines popular platforms such as YouTube with the ability to sell one’s music to TV shows or radios that might want to use it. TuneCore also helps music makers get their music on iTunes, Amazon and other venues where people are buying music. It’ll help to get you exposure on many of the sites I’ve listed here.

Right now, TuneCore is working on a compilation album, and musicians just like you can help to spread the word about your work with this album. The deadline is MAy 6 2014, however. You’ll want to submit to TuneCore as fast as possible!

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