Finding Yourself on the WWW

Date Thu, June 27 2013

If you’re building a website, the most important element of the branding for that website will be its domain name. Whether you’re hosting it yourself, purchasing hosting from a third party or using a free hosting solution, and whether the site is intended for e-commerce, is a personal blog or a business homepage, a domain is always an excellent investment. However, because domain names are so important, picking the perfect one is a matter of care. The first thing to do is decide what you need the domain name to accomplish. If you are trying to pick a domain name that is easy to repeat verbally for the purpose of word-of-mouth, for instance, don’t utilize clever spellings. Pursue a .com, .net or .org as appropriate, and try to keep the words used in plain language. If you are trying to pick a domain name that is memorable, and intended for web veterans, consider looking into some of the international domain codes. These can sometimes be used to create clever words with your domain name’s domain and domain code, which will make it accessible to those in on the joke. Ultimately, you can buy a domain at They’re easy to find, and you can search to see what is or isn’t available to get an idea in advance of what options you have to work with, but picking a domain name is easy and fun when you know what you’re looking for.

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