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Date Wed, July 3 2013

Successful Internet marketing is a multifaceted effort, and each and every facet must be polished to perfection in order to maximize profits. One of the more important choices that a marketer must make is the domain name by which the business will be known. A domain name is an easy to remember pseudonym for the number which addresses a given node on the Internet. These numbers are still expressed as IPv4 dotted decimals, like, but new IPv6 numbers are on the horizon. Domain names are linked to the numbers in a look-up table on a domain name server. To have any chance of success, an Internet business will require at least one memorable domain name. It is important to select a name that users will associate with the particular business. Some firms choose to register more than one domain name. Getting at least the .com and .net variations is usually a good idea, since it prevents anyone else from registering those names and hijacking traffic. Often a company with more than one product will buy a domain name for each. Domain names should be clever, memorable and easy to associate with the firm that operates the web site. As soon as a name is selected, it should be recorded by an organization like the domain name registration service at This will get it on a domain name server so that web surfers can use it to find the company web site and transact business.

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