Furry and Funny [He Said, She Said]

Date Sun, November 24 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done this feature, but I really like it. It’s time to see what The Internets (TM) has to say about items I’ve used. Do they agree? Or do they think I’m full of crap?

There are a lot of reviews about Dr. Scholl’s Cozy Cushions. This is because many people received that Vox Box from Influenster. Almost all of the reviews I rad

Leah  Betty said it a bit more nicely than me when she said “I would have liked a little more toe wiggle room but I have no complaints about the fit.” Because in my review, I basically said I cannot wear the insoles in any shoes I have, despite the fact that the package says you can, comfortable.

Deb had mixed results. She called the insoles “A wonderful fit.” for her sneakers, but they were a no go for her flats. Mrs Robinson was a little letter flattering in her review:

They’re a little too thick to wear in cute boots (see below). It made it really tight on my foot. So these sadly wont be a cute boot staple.

Perhaps I just wear my shoes tight? I don’t know.

Remember my review of HoneyCat cosmetics items? I loved them. Yea, so does everyone else! Check out this review at You Brew My Tea:

I will definitely be going back to Honeycat Cosmetics to purchase more of the products I was sent for review, but also to grab up a few of their gift baskets for Christmas and birthday gifts in the future.  My teenage step daughter will LOVE the bath salts and the foot scrub.  And my Sister will enjoy the body powders and butters.

She wasn’t the only one, though. Savannah from Living the Good Life received the bar soap and shower gel just like I did. She raved

All these products make you feel sexy and great. I love how relaxing they are and they are perfect for when you want to feel better about yourself.
They smell amazing too! Love all the products I received.
Cool cats think alike, eh?
Heading back further into the archive, I reviewed Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara.  I like the look but wished it was waterproof.  Ariel wrote a negative review on Influenster:

Not happy with this product at all. The tube is too wide and doesn’t pull the excess mascara off the wand on the way out so it’s majorly clumped on parts of the wand. It’s not waterproof…biggest lett down of any mascara! AND I’ve noticed about half way through my work day I have raccoon eyes from where the mascara is fading off my lashes onto my lower lids
However, most of the reviews online were positive. The mascara has an overall rating of A- on Influenster.   It also has almost five stars on the official site. I expect many of those folks wrote the review upon first putting on the mascara. Had they left it on all day, they might have reviewed differently. I know my own review on Rimmel’s site was more positive than my review here because of this.

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