Get Rid of Those Scars or Cover Them Up [He Said, She Said]

Date Mon, September 24 2012

Unlike me, Kristin didn’t forget to take before-and-after pictures when she gave Incivible Scars a try. If my words didn’t convince you that it works, her pictures will.

A couple other bloggers tried out some various Mia Mariu products. On the plus side, we all got to try some different stuff. I’m kind of jealous of Kassandra who was able to try both the mineral foundation in its cute bottle and the Luminous Lip Gloss. Check out what she has to say about Mia Mariu products:

I love the way that the foundation actually did match my complexion and even out my complexion. It’s not heavy like some other foundations I have tried and I wasn’t left with that line from my chin to my neck. The lip gloss is a nice neutral color that just gives a pop of shimmer. I just love them both!

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