Given Time, Google Will Control Even the Clock

Date Wed, October 9 2013

I am just  having a hell of a time tonight as I try to post on Her Realm. It loads forever then finally times out. I cannot access my dashboard, and the site is down. I know if I leave it along for a bit, it’ll work just fine. Most people won’t even notice that it’s down, but it bugs me.

I suppose it’s better that it’s down completely rather than just ridiculously slow because that hurts your rankings on Google.  It’s true. Matt Cutts said so. In fact, if you check out Google Page Speed tool, you’ll see what’s slowing down your website and how you can fix it. If your competition’s website loads slowly, but yours is fast, you’ll have the edge over them. That’s assuming that the rest of your SEO efforts are comparable. And I make no promises, but it just makes sense according to what Google has told us.

It’s so nice when Google does tell us what it wants in terms of search engine optimization. Otherwise, we’re just struggling along trying to manipulate ourselves to the top of the SERPs, and it just doesn’t work. In many ways, I’m so glad that I write about SEO more than I practice it. Sure, I care a little when it comes to this blog as opposed to my personal blog, but at the end of the day this is just a hobby. If it wasn’t I might consider hiring someone else to do SEO rather than going the DIY route like I have been.

Like the following infographic shows, plenty of businesses have moved away from doing it themselves and have hired an outside company to do SEO for them. I think this also shows a shift in how easy it is to manipulate your way to the top. It was once much easier than it is now, and  so it takes more time and effort to get even half the results these days.

SEO Statistics

SEO Statistics by White Label SEO


Of course, it’s a different thing for a blog like this, where being at the top of the SERPs isn’t as important. Meaningful conversations, engagement on social media and opportunities for my readers mean so much more.

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