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Date Sat, March 23 2013

In the past, I’ve written about the communities where I find review and giveaway opportunities. These are great for sponsorship opportunities, but one thing I’ve also found about these groups is that they give me a place where I can connect with other bloggers. I can find blogs and posts that interest me, talk about whatever it is that Google is doing these days and express frustrations over PR reps and companies that don’t treat us with respect. It’s the community aspect of these blogger outreach programs that I wasn’t expecting to find — and I couldn’t do ¬†without.

Talking About Bloggin'

Talking About Bloggin’

One of the groups that I check on a daily basis is Blog Friendly PR. I’ve seen it go through a few changes over the years, but they’ve almost always been good. It’s great if you’re new or if you play outside the box like I sometimes do. You can find companies to work with, giveaways to enter and friendships that will succeed far outside the website. ¬†You can also get support on social networks and bookmarking sites like Google+ and StumbleUpon, which company reps like to see. If you’ve got a blog-related favor, your buddies will help you out.

It’s nice, sometimes, to just log in and talk to people who understand what I’m going through, and Blog Friendly PR provides that. Before joining sites like these, I felt pretty isolated. I was telling so much to my readers, but I wasn’t engaging with other bloggers in a way that felt meaningful. Not to get all teary-eyed and preachy to you, but community really is an important aspect of blogging.

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