Date Wed, November 9 2011

I’m not sure how I feel about Rafflecopter. I’m not ready to use it myself but I don’t have super popular giveaways. No, I’m conflicted as a reader.

You see, Rafflecopter sounds good and it looks pretty good, too. The problem is, it relies on your browser cookies. If you enter a giveaway and return to the site, you will see the entries you’ve already completed but if you clear your private data, it will appear as though you’ve never entered. The script does not offer a way to check your entry status. It’s not so efficient to navigate through pages of comments but at least you can, to see if you’ve entered before.

Secondly, the script takes a while to load. For whatever reason, it takes longer now than when bloggers first started using it. This slows down my giveaway process significantly, when I’m browsing multiple sites.

Next, bloggers keep requiring us to comment as a form of mandatory entry but this is completely unnecessary. I just don’t understand this. Rafflecopter exists so you can clean up your comments from giveaway spam. I’ll admit, I’m also a bit lazy and I hate scrolling down to comment, reloading the page, scrolling back up and waiting for Rafflecopter to load again.

But it’s not all bad. A lot of bloggers are allowing us to enter by just typing name and email addresses. Plus, you don’t need to add your email address to the comment itself, which is a generally unsafe and totally freaking annoying thing to do.  Being able to post to Twitter or like a page on Facebook is super easy with Rafflecopter.

Multiple websites participating in the same giveaway can post the same Rafflecopter code — which is great as long as you don’t clear your cache. However, multiple mandatory entries can span several lines on the form and it can be difficult to tell when you’ve completed all the entries. It would be nice if Rafflecopter allowed you to put multiple Facebook “Likes,” for example, in one box. At least, I assume they don’t because no one does.

Rafflecopter is an interesting idea but is still imperfect enough to be frustrating to all sorts of users.

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  1. Greg November 10 2011 @ 5:41 pm

    Hey Cole! We’ve been working on a big update to Rafflecopter over the past 3 months that we’re about 1-2 weeks away from releasing that will no longer rely on cookies and reduce the load time of the widget on everyone’s page. We’re super excited about the upcoming release, but I thought I’d reach out and let you know we’re listening! Thanks :)

  2. Cole November 11 2011 @ 8:27 pm

    That’s fantastic to hear on both counts. It’ll definitely make it easier for me as an LOL Thanks for the comment!

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