My Favorite Type of Giveaway

Date Thu, September 29 2011

Is an easy one. Well, that doesn’t hurt but, in all honesty, my favorite one is when the prize is a gift card, even if it’s for a small amount.

  1. A gift card can go toward my necessities, like food, clothing or household goods.
  2. A $10 gift card is always more useful than a $10 item than I don’t need but a $10 gift card is infinitely more useful than a $100 item for which I have no use.
  3. Gift cards give me a choice in what I win so I can be really excited.
  4. Some gift cards can be used online so I don’t even have to leave my house or I can still shop from stores that aren’t in the area.

But gift cards have perks if you’re holding the giveaway, too!

  1. Gift cards appeal to more people (see my #2 above).
  2. Gift cards blur the geographical lines. Sure, I may be in Wisconsin but if I giveaway a gift card to a company that has a website and ships worldwide, I’ve just expanded my giveaway (and potential readership).
  3. Gift cards are cheap to send. Throw ’em in an envelope, or even better, click “Send.” Anyone who has had to mail off their own prizes understands the frustration about this one.

Do you also love gift card giveaways?

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  1. Jenn September 29 2011 @ 10:59 am

    I agree. Gift card giveaways are the best. They’re easy to get to the winner, and gift cards can ALWAYS be put to good use!

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