So, what do you do again?

Date Wed, February 27 2013

I have some pretty interesting conversations about what I do for a living. Hint: it isn’t this blog. I make some pocket change from this blog, but that’s it. It’s not even enough to claim on taxes — which I still need to do. Ugh. I usually say I ghost write the Internet, which is kind of true. It’s hard to explain online copywriting┬áto someone who’s never owned a website, doesn’t understand SEO or assumes that being a writer means I have poems or books penned under some name with which they’re not familiar. So, I usually don’t.

I mean, it’s a useful service that people obviously have a need for, otherwise, I wouldn’t get paid. However, it’s not glamorous. It’s sometimes but, others frustrating and usually not fun. It certainly does eat up your time, which is exactly why I imagine so many websites hire it out to folks like me, and I’m glad they do. I’ve been writing for three years now, and that makes this the longest job I’ve ever had. Most of the time, I say that I don’t hate it, and it pays the bills. That’s really most than I can say about any of my previous jobs, and it’s enough for me.

Of course, there’s some stuff I don’t do — like resumes. It’s just not my forte. I could take some classes to become better at it, but I think I’ll just stick to my techie stuff.

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