Where are you going? Where are you from?

Date Tue, August 30 2011

I recently posted about my exciting Alexa rank increase and, as I’ve watched the number steadily shrink, I’ve kept an eye on my website statistics. Namely, I’m looking at referrers to see just how you guys are finding me so I can make the best of these sites and put less focus on the solutions that aren’t so much a help.  The following list consists of my top referrers.

  1. 35% – Direct Traffic (Links, bookmarks, emails, etc)
  2. 1.09% – Google Searches (All countries, all search types)
  3. .19% – StumbleUpon
  4. .12% – Yahoo Searches
  5. .10% – Bing
  6. .05% – Online Sweepstakes
  7. .04% – ContestGirl
  8. .03% – FeedBurner
  9. .02% – The Divine Miss Mommy (thanks!); Twitter; Free Blog Giveaways

I’m not surprised that direct referrers dominate the list because you guys are great at Tweeting about my giveaways. Nor am I surprised to see that Google is leading the way after that. However, the division between direct referrers and search clicks is an astounding 33%! In addition, I combined all the Google search sites and types but Webalizer lists them separately. There were, like, 10!

I’m really excited to see StumbleUpon on this list because I’ve decided to give it a second chance and even if one person recommends my site, it has the potential to reach thousands of other users. I know quite a few bloggers who rely heavily on StumbleUpon for traffic and many who will tell you that it’s their main source for traffic so I expect to see it rise in the rankings and eclipse Google searches. I’m not as sure about direct traffic but who knows?

That Yahoo and Bing made the list amuses me to no end. Had I made this a “top ten” list, you would see AOL, too! Who still uses those search engines? I make a point to submit my site to giveaways listing, whenever I post a new one, and several of those have made the list but they really don’t provide as much traffic as I expected. I’ll still use them, of course but I’m surprised those sites don’t carry more authority in general. They may be too “nichey” compared to StumbleUpon. Not everyone is specifically looking for giveaways.

It’s no surprise that FeedBurner sends me visitors but I’d never guess that another blog would show up in the list. The owner, Stacie, is part of a few giveaway groups, if I recall correctly. I don’t know if folks are following me from a comment or a link somewhere on here site but all my sites seem to see traffic from at least one semi-random blog. Interesting, eh?

If you’ve read this far, feel free to let me know where you’ve come from in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. Collin August 30 2011 @ 3:02 pm

    people use bing? no, something’s off.

  2. Cole August 30 2011 @ 9:05 pm

    LOL. I think people like my mom would.

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