A Pain In My.. Back

Date Fri, February 20 2009
I have been a good girl when it comes to doing the dishes lately, partly because there’s fewer than if Ryan were here and partly because I cannot stand it when our freakishly shallow kitchen sink gets full. Some days, both sides can be full and, by the time I wash them all, it only fills like half of the dish rack. I kid you not. It would be nice to have a deep sink like the basin style farmhouse sinks at WholeSaleStone sinks but, of course, I can’t do that here. For now, I guess I can fantasize about having a functional (nevermind beautiful) sink as I slave over ours and hurt my back. Yay. Not.

As a side note, I remember watching some home improvement show where the crew came to help this couple who were trying to renovate their apartment so they could list upstairs. They finished the bedroom and added a beautiful bathroom complete with tile shower, clawfoot tub (the floor had to be reinforced) and a gorgeous basin sink that matched the fabric the wife had wanted to incorporate into the upstairs. I thought that was really neat!

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