35+ Things You Can Do with 3M Command Hooks

Date Sat, August 4 2012

This list? It’s not to 99 yet, but I believe it can be!

There are just so many things you can do with Command Hooks (and so many different styles with which to do them!). Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

  1. Hang Towels and Pot Holders
    Need a place for a hand towel in your bathroom? How bout a decorative hook near the mirror? Put two hooks up and hang a dowel rod on them for your bath towels. Kitchen linens with loops are great on hooks
  2. Store Brooms and Mops
    Or swiffers and dusters. Get them off the ground, stop germs from spreading and save space. Vertical storage is the best.
  3. Hide Things on Your Cabinet Doors
    Towels, dish sponges or brushes and more can easily hide inside your cabinets.
  4. Keep Utensils Within Reach
    Spatulas and serving spoons right on your backsplash? Okay!
  5. Hang Aprons and Robes out of the Way
    My robe and hoodie hand on a hook on the inside of my bedroom door.
  6. Decorate with a Christmas Wreath.
    Maybe you have one for Halloween, too!
  7. Never Lose your Keys
    Command makes a keyholder, but if you only have one set, a hook with do.
  8. Tool Storage in the Shed or Garage.
    As long as its a smooth surface, the hooks will work.
  9. Tangle Free Jewelry Storage
    Got a couple necklaces or bracelets? Don’t worry about storage.
  10. Necktie Holders
    A well-dressed man needs a place to store his ties within reach!
  11. DIY Bed Canopies
    With a little fabric, you can hang your own canopy without damaging the walls or ceiling.
  12. Hang Some Curtains.
    If you get creative with fabric or curtains and rods, you can hang curtains or even give the impression of a second window where none exists to give balance.
  13. Command HooksEasy Storage for Shopping Bags
    Every store wants you to use their bag, but you’re only going to do it, if it’s convenient. Hang those handles on a 3M hook by the door.
  14. Commandeer a Shower Organizer
    Shower head and wall organizers usually have suction cups, but a Command Hook will do the trick on your wall.
  15. Hang up the Leash
    Hang up your pet’s harness or leash within reach.
  16. Finally, a Way to Hang Garland!
    Love decorating for Christmas but hate how tape never holds it up? Yup, you got it, use some invisible hooks.
  17. Wall Storage.
    Mount storage cubes, sideways, to your walls for extra cube storage.
  18. Nail-Free Calendar Hanging
    Want to put up a pretty calendar without damaging the walls? Try Command hooks.
  19. Get Backpacks and Bags off the Floor
    Sick of your kids arguing about their backpack on the floor? 3M hooks take away that little excuse.
  20. Hang Small Mirrors.
    Follow the weight guidelines to prevent mirrors from breaking, and you can have a damage-free way of hanging your functional or decorative.
  21. Organize Your Schedule with Hooks and Dry Erase Boards
    If you need a board bigger than the fridge, hooks can help you out.
  22. Clean up Your Craft Area
    3M’s hooks let you hang up hole punches, scissors, tape, ribbon and more, freeing the space on your craft table.
  23. Homework Help
    Anything on a ring, think flashcards, can be stored on a Command Hook, in plain site and with easy access.
  24. Display Children’s Art
    One finger painting, one hook, one binder ring and one page protect equals a convenient way to temporarily hang those precious memories, without hurting them.
  25. Impromptu Art Easel
    Command Hooks and clips let you prop up your canvas or paper while you make art–and remove easily.
  26. Party Decoration
    Streamers are a cinch with 3M products.
  27. Hat Rack
    Do your or your partner love caps, especially squashable baseball caps? Use hooks to keep them in shape.
  28. When You’re Not Wearing Your Wig
    Actor? Drag queen? Hang that fabulous hair where it will remain tangle-free.
  29. Open Up Your Stockings.
    I’ve always used ceramic stocking holders that the cats easily knock off. Hooks will stay in place, however, and let you hang your Christmas stockings from any wall.
  30. Hang It Upside Down
    Tie down anything with a ribbon or strap by sticking a Command Hook upside down on the inside or opposite side of the surface.
  31. Modern-Day Tapestries
    Have a pretty quilt that’s not too heavy? Hang it on the wall with sticky hooks.
  32. Coffe Cups Off the Counters
    Clear up counter space by hanging hooks on the underside of cabinets. You can still have your morning coffee, but without one of those ugly, wooden cup racks.
  33. View Your World
    In school or at home, 3M’s hooks let you hang up maps, for function and form!
  34. Secure Trash Bags</strong
    Place an upside down hook on the back of your garbage can and hook the drawstring around the hook to keep it up!
  35. Toothbrush Holder
    Stick a hook sideways to your bathroom wall or mirror and place the neck of your toothbrush in the hook to use as a holder.
  36. Belter Holder
    Stick a hook or two inside your closet and hang belts by their buckles.
  37. Phone Charging Base
    Stick two hooks on the wall and rest your phone (horizontally) inside the cradle you’ve made — perfect for charging without bending your cable!
  38. Measuring Spoon 
    Keep your measuring spoonds next to your baking supplies by securing a hook to the container and hanging the spoon from the hook via its loop.

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  1. Dede August 10 2012 @ 9:43 pm

    Great idea on the bed canopy. I have a pretty pink canopy for my daughter’s room that she’s been asking to have hung from her ceiling. I was trying to figure out how I’d do it without putting a hole in the ceiling….3M hooks will work!

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