Date Sat, May 16 2009
Bedtime is frequently more difficult for me than it ought to be. It starts with making the bed. Our sheets have a tendency to shrink when I wash them so putting the fitted sheet back on our monstrous pillow-top mattress is always hard work. If you’ve seen the videos of women being laced into corsets, with a knee in the back as leverage, it’s something like that and usually leave me painful and out of breath. I really need to get some better fitting sheets but our bedding is all a set and our top sheet is stitched with a gorgeous design.

If that’s not enough, the cats always get riled up when I make the bed. They chase each other over, under and around the sheets and I always have to move them out of the way. When I’m ready to go to sleep, they chase each other over the bed (and me). I tell myself I love them, though.

If I had a timeshare in some Vegas vacations, though, I wouldn’t have to deal with all this. (I’m sure the cats would make up for it somehow).

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