Cure for Crazy?

Date Sat, March 28 2009
I wonder if anyone knows of a cure for insanity? LOL Life with Samantha sure is.. something else. I don’t quite know the word for it. “Exhausting” comes to mind but so do “fun” and “memorable.” Sometimes, at least. She wakes me up to play Maplestory pretty much all day. I get a break for a few hours because she went up the street to see her friend’s new fish (Samantha prophesied that this experience would be “amazing”). I foolishly tried to con Samantha into emptying some of her toys bins (she has an entire room for toys) of anything which was broken, missing pieces, unwanted or too babyish for her but we only emptied a skimpy garbage bag and a half of items – many of which are too small to count. Her room is still fool of stuffies and jewelry, makers, crayons and art supplies (Why does a kid need a rubber stamp anyway?) and tiny things like beads, rocks, stickers and accessories to toys with which she will never again play but still “wants.” Yea, right.

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