Give me a generator

Date Tue, February 24 2009
Arg. So, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon only to awaken to the sound of the smoke alarm beeping because we had lost power. Judging from the clamor from the stairway above me, this affected my neighbours, probably the whole building. I wasn’t thrilled and originally thought it was just my place and flipped the breakers in the fading light without knowing which was which. Eventually I gave up, crawled back in bed and waited for the power to come back on, which it did within 10 or so minutes. However, I wasn’t thrilled that my computer had been on. I’ve gone through quite a few power supplies and we have replaced one since we moved in here so I am a little worried about having to replace another one so soon. Plus, my computer is getting up there in age so I worry about losing everything on i. My CD drive has been broken for some time and I debated getting an internal drive but I think an external DVD or flash drive might do me more good when I get a new system. Regardless, the power is back and I fell back to sleep.

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