Hot Hot Heat!

Date Sun, July 6 2008

It’s not so much hot as humid. I’ve never lived without humidity but I suspect I would enjoy it much more. I still wouldn’t love the heat, but it wouldn’t suck so bad. I sweat a lot. It’s gross and unfeminine and is part of the reason I am loathe to wear clothes most of the time as well as why I tend to hate cleaning. It also clogs pores so the summery days (and nights!) usually mean I am bound to break out more. Luckily for me, these are many acne treatments – some of which I’ve discussed here – and I’ve never needed anything more expensive or difficult to find than most drug store brands (also, my acne has never been as bad as some). Still, it’s good to know there’s prescription stuff out there to chase those peckys blemishes out of town.

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