Date Wed, May 13 2009
The cats, not me. Sensing a theme? My little devils like to test my patience. Like earlier tonight when Phantom let go a monstrous spray of his masculinity at the wall and covered a bunch of things sitting on my desk with urine. Or the other day when someone chewed and clawed open a packet of kitty treats I had out and ate them all. I won’t name any names but one black cat had a very upset tummy for some reason. Perhaps he swallowed some foil, hmm? Needless to say, I was cleaning up kitty sickness for that whole day (and just found another spot a few moments ago, ugh). It would be nice if, instead of carpets, we have hard wood floors and area rugs which could be taken outside and hosed down during these times. Or even area rugs over our carpet. Arg. My arms are still sore from scrubbing down the carpet 2 days ago.

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