So how’ve you been?

Date Mon, December 7 2009

I’m sitting here bored, playing Yahtzee on Pogo (I just won the round!). I’ve got lots of things to review but I just don’t feel like doing it this very second, okay? We bought a TV around Turkey day and it showed up at the end of last week. Ryan is very happy, I am.. getting used to it. You can expect a review of that, of course. I posted our old one on Craigslist and we got a call today which became a sale before heading off for Phantom’s annual shots. He was such a good kitty, it really made me happy. I’m starting to get sick again; my sinuses and throat aren’t so happy and it totally sucks. So I’m typing between blowing my nose and checking my junk mail folder (but there’s nothing good, just fake messages from Wal-mart and natural weight loss pills ads).

Oh! I’m looking for a nice set of flannel sheets in white/off white that can fit our 17″ mattress. Suggestions?

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