Victorious, but it was a battle hard fout

Date Sat, December 13 2008

Ugh! I have been struggling for 2 days to get rid of a nasty trojan (Renos) infection on my computer and thanks to, Dez, have finally been able to do so! This little intrusion was super annoying and redirecting my search results. Not only that but it blocked webpages and programs which might have been useful in getting rid of it (including Spybot)! I was shocked when Hijack This! came up with no offending entries because it’s always been an awesome last resort. I installed a dozen or so programs to get this little bugger and only 1 of them even detected it; however, I wasn’t able to fix it with that one. Finally, Dez let me on to a trojan remover tool and all is well again but I was getting scared for a moment. I was worried that the infection would cause the computer crash or that I would never be able to use all my stuff again. What really makes this a problem is that my CD burner is currently broken so I have no way to back anything up. Maybe I need to look into tape drives or some other form of storage.

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