Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Date Tue, June 2 2009

I’ve seen a couple shows lately which make fun of Mr Rogers and his neighbourhood – Family Guy and Craig Ferguson being the culprits in question. I must admit, I am not nearly as nice of a neighbour. I know my neighbours on the left are not the people who lived there when we moved in. I know my neighbours above have a stupid rat dog with a yappy “Yip Yip” bark who I want to punt. I know I have new neighbours on the right because I saw them move in the other night (and they didn’t even use moving boxes – how ghetto!). However, I’ve never talked to any of them. I didn’t make anything more than small talk to my neighbours in Misawa, where I lived for 2 years. I didn’t know their names unless I read it on the name plate by their door. I never introduced myself. I am not a good neighbour like Mr Rogers or even State Farm. What about you?

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