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Date Mon, May 31 2010

I am not a super organized person buuut I suspect I would be more organized with some awesome Tetris shelves. These shelves really speak to the geek in me. Brave Space offers a whole line of shelving in the shape of Tetris blocks–for a pretty penny, of course. Last week I stumbled across another retailer which made similar shelves for a better price but now I cannot find it again, of course. TetrisFurniture.com boasts another type of shelving system which seems both functional and versatile. I like the designs slightly better, too.

The search has turned up more than a handful of other Tetris related products. GadgetSharp did a whole post on Tetris inspired products, including planters, mirrors, soap and other furniture.

For every concept come to life, there are just as many still in the works, it seems. It’s no surprise because people are inventing a lot of experimental, stacking and easy-storage type furniture these days.

It’ll all go well with my new Heartris shirt, don’t cha think?

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