Enjoying the cooler weather

Date Sun, November 16 2008

As winter rolls around, we tend to become more sluggish. The cold weather means we stay inside or use our cars rather than walking or biking through the snow and over the ice. Luckily for me, it’s not too cold here which means I will probably spend more time outside during the Texas “winter” than I did during summer because it was simply too hot! Hopefulyl this means I’ll see some pounds shed in a way that is healthier than taking diet pills. Of course, the news issued a “freeze” warning for tonight. LOL They have no idea!

Swiffer Sweeper+Vac

Date Sat, November 15 2008

So far, I have been really impressed with my Swiffer Sweeper Vac. I liked the o riginal Swiffer Sweeper because it was so good as picking up dust and hair but found that I still had to sweep because it did not adequately pick up larger dirt. However, with the addition of the vacuum function, the Sweeper Vac is everything I need to clean my floors before scrubbing with my other favourite Swiffer: the Wetjet.

The Sweerper Vac is easy to assemble and must be charged before the first use for 24 hours. I think that the charging is probably my biggest problem with this. Although I realize even an iPod must charge for hours, a whole day seems like a long time for less than 30 minutes of performance time. Still, I have used this product 3 or 4 times already on the first charge. Unless you have many or unusually large uncarpeted floors, I don’t think this will be a problem.

Like the original Swiffer, the clothes pick up those minute particles but use of static. The vacuum which flips out of the way so you can apply the Swiffer cloth is fairly quiet and picks up everything I had previously used the broom for like crumbs, string and kitty litter so I have to use 1 less tool to clean. The vacuum even works well on some carpet and rugs so I use it to clean my bathroom and kitchen mats as well. The vacuum is bagless and dirt is stored in a little cup on the unit which must be emptied out.

This Sweeper Vac is pretty lightweight which makes it easy to use and I think it would be great on any hard stairs. But don’t expect this to replace your full sized machine. It also makes it easy to store by hanging up.

You will need to replace the Swiffer cloths (2 come with the original kit) as well as the filters periodically. However, the sweepable surfaces in my home are few and small so I don’t imagine I will have to do this periodically.

So far, I am really happy with my Swiffer Sweeper Vac but I am curious as to how well it will hold up over time.

Are you insured?

Date Fri, November 14 2008

The economic situation of the country isn’t the best right now and a lot of people are feeling the pinch in different ways. Gas has been a popular topic but health insurance has also been right up there and I think we’re all curious if the next president will institute some sort of universal health plan. Luckily, we have health insurance provided by the military and it hasn’t let us down. Then again, we’ve never had any major illness or serious accident, both of which are things which can illustrate the flaws in family health insurance. Still, it won’t last forever and I’m pretty aware of that.

Stayclear Daily Face Wash

Date Fri, November 14 2008

I have mixed feelings about Clearasil’s Stayclear Daily Face Wash. A few years agog all Clearasil products had a face lift and I found a product which I really like. They don’t make the product anymore and it appears that this is the product which replaced it. Because I liked the old version so much, I was eager to try this. However, no matter how much I like it, it just isn’t the same.

Stayclear Daily Face wash is wonderfully creamy. I like the feel of it on my face but my skin does not feel as clean and taught with this face wash as with others. It has an interesting scent which smells slightly herbal. At other times it almost smells like chocolate mint. I just can’t seem to peg what this smells like.

My skin feels awfully oily after using this face wash. However, I don’t think it is because it isn’t controlling the oil. Rather, it seems like this is drying my skin so badly that it is producing more oil.

I started using Stayclear Daily Face Wash and went back to my old cleanser after about a week. Eventually, I went back to Stayclear to see if there would be any change. Both times, my skin was initially fine and without break outs. However, after a week or two, my skin felt extremely greasy and I was breaking out in those tiny, painful pimples. After this stage, my skin felt consistently greasy.

I’m not sure why this product does not have consistent results. In the beginning, it appears to be a good product but then it goes downhill from there. It is really disappointing because, as I mentioned, Clearasil used to make a cleanser which I preferred over all other cleansers.

After I finish with this tube, I will not be using Stayclear Daily Face Wash again.

Here I Come

Date Thu, November 13 2008

So I think it’s safe to confirm that I am headed home for Thanksgiving. I will only be there for a week and a half which I know will go really quick but I am looking forward to being able to visit much more frequently than I could when I was in Misawa.

Perhaps the only bad thing is that I do not have a good set of matching luggage. While it certainly won’t kill me, I would prefer to have some matching Swiss Army luggage rather than a couple mismatched bags from Wal-mart. What really takes the cake is that, last year, we bought a matching set from Target and when we got home, it had only like 2 of the 5 pieces. We didn’t feel like going back, especially because we would have just kept the extra pieces at his mom’s house. Still, it sucks.

Frizz Ease Hair Serum

Date Thu, November 13 2008

I have been using a hair serum to smooth and condition my hair for some time. I finally used up my bottle so put out feelers for a new product. Unfortunately, most of the products recommended to me are not available at Wal-mart in the middle of the ngiht so I opted for John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum rather than the one other product, despite its higher price tag.

I suffer with some frizz and fly-aways, especially because my hair is so fine. It can look pretty unkempt only a short time after I brush it so I wanted a product which would smooth it and not let it be quite so unruly. While Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum does work, it’s rather heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy.

This serum is very comparable to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum although I prefer the bottle because it looks sleeker (but it comes in a much smaller bottle). Frizz Ease Serum does a better job, in my opinion, but does not smell as nice. It does not smell unpleasant but it does smell a bit too much like perfume and chemicals to me.

The bottle instructs to apply a dime sized amount to wet hair. Oddly enough, the official website says to use a quarter sized amount and I think this makes more sense. I like to apply the serum to my brush so my hands do not get greasy. Unfortunately, whether I am using my brush or my hands, the product does not apply evenly. The first area where I apply the product tends to get a thick coating and the rest of my hair sees much less. Of course, this is a problem with any serum.

What I do not especially like is how greasy my hair feels. It does not necessarily look greasy but if I touch it with my hands or feel my hair brush my face, I can tell. My hair generally looks really sleek and shiny but it does not have a lot of movement because of the heavy serum which makes clumps of hair stick together. At one point, it even left clumpy residue like cheaper gels. Other people probably wouldn’t notice because I am the only one staring so intently at my hair, however.

The problem is, that if I use less, it really doesn’t work all that well. Even having my hair greasy, I’d say only about 75% of my fly-aways and frizz is smoothed down. While this is a decent amount, especially in humid San Antonio, I was looking for something that worked a little better, especially from such a big name.

I think what it most disappointing is how long the bottle lasts. I’ve only have it a few weeks and it is already about halfway gone. When I used the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, it was in a much larger bottle that literally lasted me years.

Overall, Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum is a product which works with a few drawbacks and has a price tag that will quickly add up with how frequently you will have to replace the product. I will keep on in my search for the perfect frizz product.


Date Wed, November 12 2008

Ryan’s birthday is this weekend and he has always been one of those people who just doesn’t put much stock into birthdays. I never understood it because I see it as a good reason to enjoy spending time with friends and family and, hey, if you happen to get a few gifts then that is only another plus. So I won’t be shopping for any Victorinox swiss army watches for him. I had considered buying a new stereo for the car but I think that we have more pressing problems to look into (check engine light coming on intermittently and stalling) before we worry about being able to listen to the radio. However, it would be nice if it didn’t change on its own. LOL