Need a lift?

Date Thu, October 30 2008

As a woman, my bra does the lifting and I recently decided that the bras I wore most frequently had just about passed their hey-day so I made some new purchases. Unfortunately, I found the bands a little snug so I headed to Wal-mart to pick up some extenders by Lingerie Solutions. I hadn’t used them before but figured, why not?

I was both satisfied and disappointed. The extenders which came in a 3 pack including nude, white and black fit one of my brand new bras perfectly. The other, not so much because the band was thinner. Next time I would probably go with these extenders which have more size options.

Other than that, they work well. They’re comfortable and stay in place. They also have multiple rows of hooks so you have size options. I don’t ever wear white or nude coloured bras so perhaps if I could have found a 3 pack of black, it would have been nicer. I selected a 2 hook style but they have 3 hook styles as well which should work with most bra bands, just not narrow ones. You might want to take a quick measure before you buy.

If you’re super picky, the hooks are the same colour as the fabric so it won’t perfectly match metallic coloured hooks. Still, it’s not something you’re really going to think about, or even be able to see.

Overall, this is a good product to use for pregnancy, weight gain or if you just need a few more inches in general and it should be a stapes in any woman’s undergarment drawer.

Helpful Hint: Yu should check the size of your bands and number of hooks, first.

BRAVE Widget

Date Thu, October 30 2008

Choose or Lose

Crazy For Da Bird

Date Wed, October 29 2008

So my kitty loves to play. Loves. He gets a little rough about it because he just doesn’t know any better. We bought a bunch of toys when we got him and he loved some for a wile, then forgot abut them. Or vice versa – the ones he didn’t show interest in at first suddenly became exciting. He loves his little catnip mice the most but they keep disappearing under the appliances. I did a little browsing online, looking for something to distract his attention away from our bodies, tire him out so he would sleep at night and keep him interested. I found Da Bird.

Da Bird seems like a simple concept: a flexible metal rod encased in plastic, a connecting elastic-y string with attached feathers. It may almost be too simply because it seems like we spend a lot of time looking for more complex toys that our pets ignore. The feather attachment is replaceable and the feathers themselves are real and arranged in such a way that they have the aerodynamic appearance of a bird in motion.

Phantom just loves it. He is already active but this thing gets his attention and keeps it. He is doing jumps and flips and somersaults. He even did a back flip from the floor onto the chair chasing this thing. I play that he has to catch it so I cannot immediately pull it back up to 5 times. I think I overdid it the first day; we played to 20 and he slept the rest of the day, something he has never done. So, as a toy that will attract a cat rather than our hands and tire him out, this is great. If you have a cat who plays during the night, a round before bed might be just what the vet ordered.

As others had said it quickly needs to be replaced, I tucked it away in the closet when we weren’t playing. My kitty didn’t freak out when I went to open the door but as soon as he would see me bring it out, he would get excited. It seemed like every time we used it, he liked it even more. I was actually a little disappointed the first time but, after that, Phantom really liked it more. It got to the point where he would catch Da Bird and I would just let him run off with it because I could not pull it free. However, after letting him do this, he managed to break off the bird and I will have to replace the whole unit which isn’t a huge deal but it something I will watch for next time.

Da Bird doesn’t take a look of effort from you, but you will need to swing it around so it catches the air. However, it’s very light weight so it definitely will tire the kitty out before you. Don’t be surprised if your DaBird starts looking pretty tired itself. With how much the cat swats and bites at it, the feathers start looking pretty gross. This is a downfall to us because, now that he has broken off the feathers, he continues to play with the feathers and brings them in bed with us. Ick.

At least he likes it. And that was really the whole point. I think this toy could be a bit durable but, considering that it accomplishes everything I was looking to do, I still give Da Bird Kudos.

Helpful Hint: When playing with Da Bird, don’t worry about making it easy for your cat to catch, he will work for it!

Money, Money, Money

Date Wed, October 29 2008

Despite the alluring drop in gas prices, money is always an issue. I recently filled out my FAFSA and program application for school and I think living overseas is a bit of a thorn on my side with all that because it really appears like we made much more money than we did, considering exchange rates and such. It’s almost enough to make me consider truck driving school. (Ha! Not really)

I also want to go home next month which is becoming increasingly more expensive as the days go by. Added with the need of some bookshelves in our dining room, a new laptop for Ryan. my recent computer repairs and an annoying “check engine” light coming on and off again on the car, we certainly wouldn’t mind a rich uncle passing on.

Make Money Online: Context Links

Date Mon, October 27 2008

As I cleaned out my Javascripts last night, one of which was causing the redirect error and several of which were unnecessary and slowing down loading time, I was thinking about what they are. Some were more for data than function and most were for ads. I thought I’d put up a concise comparison of some of the services I have used to try to generate revenue through context/inline links (in the future I will do the same for banner ads, too).

A context link is a link automatically generated for a keyword you use by the service. Words like Website and Service tend to frequently be content links but you might be surprised at some of them. I like this method because it requires less effort from me. (=

Kontera‘s ContentLink service has been my favourite so far. It generates more links than the other inline services I have tried (usually around 8) and you can set the link colour so it better blends in with the site. I even find the results generated to be of a higher quality and the hover is pretty sleek looking, in my mind. I don’t even mind the double underlined links. Kontera provides link analysis as well so, if you wanted, you could use better keywords although I think it works well with natural language. Although I’ve been with ContentLink for shorter than many services I have tried, I have the most earnings from it in terms of inline ads.

Linkworth‘s LinkWords is the service I think I have been with for the longest. I only ever experience 1 or 2 contextual links on my site, always the same words. Needless to say, I have no made much money from them. Perhaps my site is not the best for that service. Although the links are more customizeable than most services, I found the javascript and hover to both lag. LinkWords was also the JS which was causing my refreshing issues so I have side it’s not worth the hassle and done away with it.

For a short while I tried Amazon‘s context links but, as it turns out, they don’t work very well. I never had a single link show up and it seems like this isn’t the best idea because you’d probably need very precise keywords for it to work. It seems that Amazon realized this, too, because I can no longer find the link.

AdBrite, like Kontera, is a fairly big name in the context link game so it is a shame that it is so poor. I used it in the beginning, before trying Kontera, but the ugly green links really turned me off. I’m sure you recognize them, too. It seems there is no way to customize the inline links from AdBrite which is a shame. However, I think the hover bar tends to be much better looking than LinkWords does and I had more success with the number of inline links which showed up. I would be willing to try AdBrite once more, though.

Overall, my best experience has been with Kontera’s ContentLink and I will continue to use it. Although I am no where Enar close to making enough money to live off of, it’s something a little extra to put in my pocket and, as my site grows and I transfer to my own domain, I hope things look up even more.

Of course, these are not the only services which offer context links.

No More Refreshing

Date Sun, October 26 2008

If you had noticed or suffered from the strange javascript refreshing, I have done away with it! I also removed a few scripts so the site should load a bit faster for you!

King of the Castle!

Date Sat, October 25 2008

I was browsing Blogging Girl when I saw Jenn posted an awesome coupon for $1.99 domans at GoDaddy (use code 199TEST). Needless to say, I had to use it. What does this mean? Reviews By Cole will soon be on its own domain!