More Like a Lack of Control

Date Tue, September 9 2008

Since writing my initial review for this product, I have become increasingly disappointed.

To begin with,the formula is very watery and thin. I prefer something a little thicker and this didn’t feel like it stayed on my skin long enough to do a very good job. While it might have helped with acne a little, it definitely does not live up to its name.

I also felt that it made my skin more oily and I quickly stopped using it to switch to a different product. Over the course of the day, my skin would become uncomfortably oily. Where is the continuous control in that?

Clean & Clear’s Continuous Control Acne cleanser
sat in my shower for quite some time before I finally picked it up again, a sure sign that this product was no doing its job adequately.

There are definitely other acne products, some even from Clean & clear, that I prefer of the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser.

Ultra Cool, Ultra Clear

Date Sat, September 6 2008

I’m excited to be writing a review about Degree Ultra Clear for Women in Pure Satin with Triclear because not only does it mean I am finally done with the old deodorants/antiperspirants that I was using, but it also means I have a deodorant to use which is actually stain-free. I had my eye on this product for a while, patiently waiting for my previous deodorant to run out because I hate to waste things. As luck would have it, my deodorant would crumble in the hotel during our traveling (why does that always happen to me?). I headed to the store for a replacement because, as we all know, females must smell bootiful all the time. d=

Degree Ultra Clear is a line of deodorants and antiperspirants designed for women to help them dry, fresh smelling and perhaps most importantly not leave a white residue on clothing. As a lover of apparel in black, I can attest that this is a problem with clothing that is a little tighter and, as the bottles advertise, this will no longer be a problem because Degree Ultra Clear is “little black dress approved.” No longer will your evening wear be stain with white that you naively miss as you spend a night on the town. No longer will you forget to apply deodorant because you thought you’d apply it after you put on that slinky formal-wear (as if it’s even possible to move enough in it).

These aren’t just false promises to lure you, the unsuspecting consumer in, either. available in 6 different scents like Pure Satin, Pure Rain, Pure Oxygen and Pure Petal, this is a product you can really count on. Beginning with the fresh clean scent (Pure Satin was the only one available at the store) that epitomizes clean deodorant scents without being too heavy or sweet, my body automatically feels a little better after applying this product. Of course, if you’re looking for a classic scent like Pure Powder or Pure Clean, you’ll find that, too.

Of course, the deodorant qualities are pretty strong as well. While it advertises 24 hour protection, I don’t suspect as much in 90-100 degree Texas weather. However, Degree Ultra Clear does hold up for an entire day in the sun, if not an entire 24 hour day. I stay fresh smelling and dry because of its body responsive wetness and odor protection.

Despite its strength, it’s no mystery that this product is for women. Degree Ultra Clear for Women solid deodorants come in a pretty greenish blue bottle and are marked with a sexy little image of a woman wearing her – you guessed it! – little black dress. Each scent comes with its own specific accent colour and the overall appearance is definitely one of femininity.

Degree Ultra Clear for Women has a few other features that make is great for those who are blessed with curves. “Skin caring conditioners” help to make your skin soft and moisturized. also, something in the formula of Degree Ultra Clear for women prevents it from drying and clumping like other solid deodorants.

So does it live up to the label? Is Degree Ultra Clear for Women actually “little black dress approved?” Well, if you will accept my substitution of a tank top for a dress, I can say “yes” most certainly. Even product applied directly to fabric comes right off with a little rub. However, this method shows that the product does not go on clear, it simply blends in with friction. Still, that’s good enough for me (and most women, I imagine).

For a breath of fresh air, try Degree Ultra clear for Women to keep yourself dry and sweet smelling while wearing your sexiest little black dress which will remain as unblemished as the canvas is adorns.

All Lit Up Again

Date Thu, August 28 2008

I love candles – for a relaxing and and inviting air and a romantic ambiance, they really can’t be beat. Tasteful candles and holders only add to the package, although I could do without.I’ve used many different types and brands of candles – as most have – from dollar store to name brand and have had many experiences with them. However, I have only used candles from professional names, not individual candle crafters, and I’ve yet to use soy candles which become increasingly popular as they are more eco-friendly and, supposedly, healthier.

While I’m looking forward to trying some off brands and candles with different ingredients in the future, here are a few thoughts I have on the candles I have tried.

Kathy Ireland Home offers Shaker Candles which come in 9oz glass jars with metal tops that screw on; these candles are available at stores like Wal-mart.. Like a salt shaker, the tops have holes in them. It’s a novel idea but not practical because you need to remove the top to light the candle and replacing it afterward would result in the metal heating up and becoming covered with soot.

As a gift from my mother, I had a candle that was some sort of cookie scent and it really did smell delicious. However, the candle burned very messily; you could always see a thick black trail of smoke coming from the candle despite the fact that the candle is described as a soy blend which should burn clean. When I had it sitting in the bathroom, it left my cabinet and tile walls covered in soot which I had to scrub off. I also found that the wax would melt too quickly for the

If these candles burned cleaner, they would be quite nice (at least the scent I had) if not the longest burning candle.

On the other hand, PartyLite candles burn much cleaner and last longer. I was able to get at least 24 hours of burning time out of a small square votive. After relighting a wick that seemed almost dead, I was still able to burn a candle overnight.

PartyLite candles come in all scents and while not all of the cold wax candles smell great, most of them are more than pleasant once burning. I often find that a scent I’m not too thrilled about at first, really grows on me once I start burning it. My favourites include Strawberry Rhubarb and Cherry Orchard.

Whether you’re looking for classic vanilla, fruity strawberry or something a little more exotic like coconut milk chocolate, PartyLite candles are higher quality, longer lasting and burn as a lower temperature to prevent burning of the skin. With a product line from tiny tea lights, to votives, tapers, balls, pedestal and jar candles, PartyLite offers something from everyone and although they’re not sold at stores, PartyLite parties are easy to find through friends and products can be found online as well.

Yankee Candle is a big name with stores in almost every mall or shopping center. However, I’m just not a big fan. Most of the scents seem mass produced and are not pleasant to my nose.

However, they still boast an impressive collection of floral, food, fresh, fruit, festive and world fragrances as well as items of home decor for those whose nose might be a little less picky. Large jars and small tea lights seem to be the most common although aroma melts (not quite candles, however) and other home scents are available.

Yankee Candle products do lack the personal touch of smaller companies and even parties but they’re so readily available that you might not even notice. The company provides many options for home decor which add to the somewhat limited line of candle styles. Major holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will theme the stores and its merchandise and make it a great place to shop for niche decorations.

Above all, my favourite candle brand is Shaker Hill, a brand which is no longer manufactured and can only be found thruogh online vendors like Ebay. Once available at Wal-mart, wonderful scents like Creamy Apricot and Raspberry Rose immediately captured my nose and attention. In pillars of different sizes and jars as well, these candles are gorgeous with mosaic-like wax formations and gorgeous colours.

Although not as long burning as perhaps PartyLite candles, these scents will captivate you and the 1lb jar will certainly last a while. If using a jar, you may have to wipe some soot from the lid/lip area but they burn much cleaner than shaker candles from Kathy Ireland Home and will not cover your furniture with soot.

Available in other scents like Juicy Melon, Red Delicious and Vanilla Hazelnut, your home will smell delicious and inviting when you burn Shaker Hill candles. Many of the scents combine traditional scents to create a more exotic yet wonderful smell of several facets.

If you try Shaker Hill candles you will, like myself, fall in love with them and wonder why they were ever pulled from the shelves but if you can’t find them, you might content yourself with aromas from PartyLite or Yankee Candle.

As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s a great time to add to your candle collection.


Date Thu, August 21 2008

Remember when I reviewed the Pure Seduction Bodywash in the Secret Garden line by Victoria’s Secret? Then you remember that I didn’t like it very much – but I really wanted to. When that bottle ran out, I headed back to the BX and, this time, spent my time sniffing around the line. I settled on Sweet Daydream, a scent that even my husband seemed to like.

Adorned with a pretty pink flower, this bottle is feminine. The body itself is a deep pink with a hint of orange and shimmers gorgeously.

You can probably already tell I’m much more impressed with this product than I was Pure Seduction. The scent is pleasant not only in the bottle but also in the shower. The body wash feels silkier during, my skin feels smoother after and I could swear that it’s even lasted me longer. But I’m not sure if that’s all actually fact or if I just love the scent that much.

Can scent alone do that much?

It is a wonderful scent. Sweet Daydream is labeled as a mix of “Juicy apple with a flirtatious combination of crisp raspberry and warm vanilla.” It’s lightly fruity, not too heavy or sweet, and the scent of apple is immediately recognizable. The raspberry aspect is also fairly strong and overall I’d say this product smell like apples and berries with very little vanilla (but the lack of vanilla is nothing you’ll miss).

A great scent like this will make your shower smell good and bath time will becoming relaxing and truly exhilarating, as the body wash claims to be. If you haven’t tried any of the Secret Garden products, try this scent first. You won’t regret it!

Happy Birthday!

Date Sun, August 17 2008

Reviews by Cole turned 3 months on the 10th. Sorry I missed it but keep coming back for another 3 and more!

Let’s Play

Date Sun, August 17 2008

I hope that is an adequate opening for the product to which I will sing my praises today. I am speaking of none other than the Nintendo DS (technically “lite” but I shall skip the formalities.

To put it mildly, my DS – in polar white – is the only gaming system I use frequently and is the only newer system to which I have become attached. The Nintendo DS builds upon the strong base that Nintendo’s previous hand-held consoles under the Gameboy moniker, bringing with it tried and true strengths as well as new features.

Although the DS in Nintendo DS stands for “Developer’s System” to the company, the public refers to it as “Dual Screen” because this system has 2 screens. Although not the first dual screen handheld system, the Nintendo DS brings some unique aspects to the concept which set it apart.

Some of the other features of this system include:

Touch Screen
Play with the stylus in addiction to the buttons
Add the aspect of sound to your gameplay
Backward Compatibility
Play your GameBoy Advance games
Communicate with others in close range
Upload scores and play games with others wherever a wireless connection is available
Download Play
Play games with friends who do not have the game by allowing them to download it temporarily to their system
Lithium Ion Battery
A 4 hour charge provides up to 15 hours of game play

Also available in metallic rose and Onyx Black as well as new duos of Black and Crimson and Black and Cobalt,there is a shade for everyone. The Nintendo DS Lite is actually a sleeker, smaller redesign of the original DS. I chose white because it looked sleek and slightly futuristic.

Of course, no Nintendo DS will be purchased without a game as well. My first game was Nintendogs and I have since added more to my collection including Mario Kart DS and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Of course, if you have Gameboy Advance games, these can also be played with the Nintendo DS as it has, true to hand held Nintendo systems, limited backwards compatibility.

The dual screen system allows for information to be displayed in one screen (usually the top) while game play takes place in the other (usually the bottom). Both screens are wider and taller than the screen on the GameBoy Advance which provides a richer gaming experience.

Additionally, the bottom screen is also a touch screen which adds a new and interesting element to game play. Instead of just using buttons, you can draw, rub, and tap with the stylus (which is housed in the bottom of the system and slides out easily) to add variation to the game. For instance, in Nintendogs, you can use the stlus to pet your pup, throw a Frisbee or pull a leash.

The microphone, located between the 2 screens, also adds a new element for use of sound in games. Players can teach their Nintendogs commands by using the microphone and in Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, clapping into the microphone will psych up the character. Mario Kart DS Makes use of the microphone in its Balloon Battles where players blow into the microphone to inflate their balloons.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more retro, you can always play your GBA games on your Nintendo DS. The bigger GBA cartridges fit into an additional port at the back of the system and use only 1 screen (the top) for play which lets you continue to enjoy your favourite titles.

Of course, the Nintendo DS has versions of many favourite games, as well as new ones, for today’s gamers. Mario Kart DS includes classic tracks as well as new ones, Super Mario Bros and Mario 64 have both been given slight face lifts to adapt to this new system as well.

The Nintendo DS Lite, like all Nintendo systems is a great way to interact with your friends. Without a game inserted, the Nintendo DS menu has an option for Pictochat which allows you to chat and draw with others in close proximity who also have a DS.

The download play feature of the Nintendo DS allows 2 or more players in close proximity to play the same game when only 1 player has the game (although if both people have the same game, there will be less limitations). You can now play Tetris or Mario Kart with your best friends with up to 8 players.

Of course, if your friends are busy you don’t have to play alone. The Wi-Fi option of the Nintendo DS adds yet another fun aspect to game play. The Nintendo DS supports WEP-encrypted networks and you can connect to play with others across the world.

The last significant feature of the Nintendo DS is its rechargeable LithionIon battery. Equipped with adapter, the battery indicator will change to red from its normal green when power is lower. You can continue to play as your system charges although it will charge faster when turned off. When the charge is complete – a full charge takes 4 hours – the red indicator will turn off and the Nintendo DS will be playable for up to 15 hours. Battery life can be extended by turning down the brightness settings.

The features sound great but how does it work out? Very well, in my opinion.

The dual screen allows for more in depth game play and information. The touch screen offers a new aspect that’s great for casual gamers, such as myself, and children. Some gamers may not like this type of game play and frequently playing with the stylus can require a surprising amount of speed and effort that can leave your arm tired. The same goes for the microphone which adds variety but can seem a little silly, especially when talking to your Nintendogs.

The Wi-Fi options are an improvement over the GBA’s gamelink. I can easily play a game with my husband who doesn’t have the game with Download Play or chat to the neighbours with Pictochat. As someone who likes that sort of interaction, the DS certainly delivers.

However, I have been a bit disappointed with the Wi-FI capabilities. For starters, not all networks are supported. I have only been able to successfully connect to a wireless network once, although the DS detects networks. It seems that the system is not a very strong receiver and that a strong signal is needed. With public networks, this is out of my control. Also, some network settings may need to be adjusted to allow a specific DS system to connect which is, again, impossible with public networks.

It may work better with a private wireless network, which I don’t have. I’m also not positive if the weak reception is an issue with the Nintendo DS in general or just mine as my husband’s DS seems to work a little better in this area.

If I were better able to use the WiFI feature, I would definitely look into the DS browser which allows one to browse the internet with the system.

Despite the issue with WiFI, I still get many hours of enjoyment out of my Nintendo DS on a weekly basis. It’s great when I’m waiting for someone or something, like in an airport, and is small enough for me to carry around in my purse if I suspect I may be bored.

There’s a wide variety of games including first person shooters, racing, puzzle, pet, RPGs, fighting, action, arcade, simulation, strategy, music and educational games so everyone will find something that fits. The games are also significantly less expensive than games for other popular systems.

It’s a good system for solo or interactive play so it doesn’t bore you easily.

If that doesn’t get you, I’m sure the price will; at roughly %100 cheaper than the least expensive full console (Nintendo Wii), the Nintendo DS will not burn as big off a hole in your pocket and the games won’t set you back as much.

I love my Nintendo DS and think it’s a great system for anyone of any age or gender. With an abundant supply of accessories and tools, the Nintendo DS provides a gaming experience like none other. The only thing I would caution about it keeping an eye on your stylus; those small pen-like pieces are easy to lose! Other than that, let’s play!

Pretty in Pink!

Date Sun, August 10 2008

The Pink collection by Victoria’s Secret is one that I have shopped and enjoyed for many years. With a young femininity that is flirty and girly compared to the store’s usual sexy and seductive lines, this collection is perfect for young women in their teens and twenties. Oft adorned with lace and bows, this will bring out the girl in all of us as the name suggests. However, don’t be afraid if Pink is not your favourite of the hues; many others are available.

The comfortable cottons of the Pink collection have led me to it, if not exclusively then at least predominantly, for most of my young adult life. I especially love the panties that come in many styles from bikinis to hipsters, boyshorts to thongs, all available in a wide variety of styles that are constantly updated so you’ll always find something fresh and new.You’ll be able to shop ’til you drop if you love pink, bows, lace, text styles or even the cute little Pink dog logo which are all available in panty and clothing styles.

The Pink Collection offers many other products as well. Add a stylish yet comfortable bra to your wardrobe; mix and match to your heart’s desire with other pieces in the Pink line.

Pink offers certain styles of apparel, especially when it comes to lounge wear and sweats. If you’re looking for something a little more sporty, VS just added Collegiate styles to the Pink collection featuring your favourite universities. Of course, you can find tops and bottoms as well.

Pink also offers accessories to match your new wardrobe as well as room decor and beauty products to top off the Pink collection.

In my experience, most of the products in the Pink collection are slightly pricey, similar to most VS prices. I tend to be a sale shopper and as the panties collection is always offered at a “5for $25” prices, I tend to save quite a bite by doing so. However, for those prices you are picking up items that tend to be more quality than the products you might buy as a big box store. For the most part, my Pink panties have far outlasted other brands while remaining comfortable and cute.

I would definitely recommend the Pink collection to anyone looking for something fun to add to their wardrobe, beauty chest or home.