Do you believe in magic?

Date Tue, July 29 2008

If not, then you haven’t tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Find me a person who has used this little sponge-like tool and doesn’t love it and you have found a crazy person!

Basically, this little cleaning pad works well for just about everything as die-hard fans will surely attest. The box advertises a bunch of places you might try the Mr Clean Magic Eraser pads including “ranges, refrigerators, plastic patio furniture, floor tile grout, athletic shoe soles, scuff marks and dirt from walls, floors and doors” and you can even use it to break “up tough bathroom soap scum.”

It works well for scuffs and smudges on floors and walls. I used it around the plug ins and light switches where finger and hand prints show up. If you have furniture against a wall, this will work well to get rid of any smudges; I cleaned off the marks from our bedroom door handle on the wall.

If you have kids, crayons and the like on the wall will be a breeze to clean off. Your bathroom will sparkle like new if you use it on your tub, tile and porcelain surfaces.

There is a mop, too! If your messes are extra stubborn, you can try the Extra Power cleaning pads ; although the original will probably do the trick. You can also try the Magic Eraser Duo which has 2 sides, one to penetrate surface grooves and the other to wipe up everday messes.

And the best thing is, there’s no clean up. Wet the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pad so that it’s damp and scrub away. The dampness creates a bit of a chalky conistancy and the pad is scrubbed away as you use it so you use it all the way (or most of the way) up and there’s nothing to throw away!

If you haven’t used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Cleaner Cleaning Pads, you’re missing out!

All Aplologies

Date Mon, July 28 2008

I did not mean to be gone for so long but moving was just hectic. Things have calmed down a bit now that we’re staying at the inn and have nothing to do. I figure I can post a bit. I had been wanting to post about of the few items I used when cleaning my house that made the job absolutely easier so I’ll get right on that.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 4in1 – Citrus Scent are simplay amazing. I like wipes because I don’t have to touch anything dirty and I can just throw them away. I’ve always hated using washcloths to do surface cleaning because I felt like the cloths became dirty and then I didn’t want to touch them anymore.

I’ve used a variety of wipes including Clorox and generic brands as well but really prefer the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes; they’re tough and thick without being a hassle (the new, thicker Clorox wipes are sort of quilted in a way that makes it easy to catch on sharp corners, fingernails et cetera).

Besides wiping up visible messes, the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes disinfect and kill the germs and bacteria the eye can’t see so they’re perfect for use in the kitchen (counter tops, refrigerator, freezer) and bathroom (counters, toilet, handles) where germs like to live.

I’d say the “4 in 1” claim is a bit exaggerated because the “4” things are that they kill germs, clean messes, are strong wipes and can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Silly advertising aside, these wipes are definitely handy to have around!

Reed Diffusers by Partylite

Date Mon, July 21 2008

One of my more recent discoveries related to perfuming my living quarters is that of diffusing. A container, usually decorative, is filled with liquid and through a small opening a “wick” of sorts is placed, with one end in the liquid. Through this method, the liquid travels the wick and is then expelled into the air. Diffusers are quickly gaining in popularity

I currently use a reed diffuser by Partlite, which was gifted to me from my mother; although many candles and home decor stores have similar products. The diffusers consist of a fragrance oil in a clear glass bottle, and several thin wooden reeds are inserted into the bottle. Partlite’s version comes with decorative wooden ‘baubles’ on the some of the reeds but, overall, the set up is very similar and it something that can make a fun do it yourself project.

Unfortunately, my diffuser has not had the wonderful results I’ve known others’ to have and I suspect it’s because of its specific scent: cherry. Initially, the oil smelled great in the bottle but its scent spread via the reeds is not as pleasant. The overall effect is also not as fragrant as I would like.

However, I have experienced others’ diffusers that were both strong and pleasant, from Partylite.

Partylite‘s fragrance oils do not contain alcohol and the reed diffusers do not need a flame to work which makes them safer to other alternatives. According to the website, the lack of alcohol means the reeds do not need to be flipped over to continue aromatizing but I find that flipping them over can provide a fresh burst of fragrance even if it is not necessary. I’ve had my diffuser since April and I’ve used about half of the product so it lasts quite a while.

Partylite diffusers come in a package containing the oil, reeds and bottle but replacement oils can be purchased. Many online shops contain whole diffuser sets as well as replacement bottles, oils and reeds.

Another alternative to bottle diffusers is disposable diffusers made from popular home fragrance companies like Glade. Lower end diffusers generally come with a thick wick, similar to a candle, instead of reeds. Periodically, this wick needs to be adjust to insure continuing fragrance.

Although my current reed diffuser is a little disappointing, I will definitely try a different oil in the future.


Date Sun, July 20 2008

Another method I use to fragrance the air in my home is incense. Incense has been used for many years in both practical and religious senses. I don’t use it as much as some people and my house doesn’t constantly smell like the inside of occult/magick stores but I do like to use it, especially since I just got my pretty blue glass incense burner back!

I tend to use the stick kind and have tried a lot of different scents from basic vanilla to more exotic scents. My favourite scent which I’ve been burning for years is a refreshing, relaxing scent by Escential Essence (purchase at

Escential Essence incenses are not as smokey as someone and do not simply smell like burning wood, which I like. The incense, packaged in bags of 16 with a blue and white label featuring a foil sun come in scents like Rain Goddess, Myan Temple, Tibetan Musk and Mountain Wildberry – my personal favourite. It can be found in the aforementioned occult shop and has a woody, fruity scent that reminds me of the rain forest or jungle (though I don’t know what either smells like! LOL)

Escential Essences incense sticks are 10″ long and the package advertises them as cruelty free, probably a good thing as many incense users are nature lovers. Each scent is labeled with sort of a magical magical description (although the “fine print” says that the incense is sold as curio only, no magical effects are guaranteed); for instance, Mountain Wildberry promotes harmony (and who doesn’t need more harmony in their life?).

The back of the packages suggest usages or properties for the specific incense. My favourite comes with the advice to burn during “Joyous summer festivals. Meeting old friends and lovers” where Tebetan Musk is good for “Inner truth, Love, Mountains, Strength and Prosperity, Strong and penetrating scent.”

Magical properties aside, I enjoy Escential Essences incense simple because it’s a clean burning, wonderfully scented incense. Of course, incense comes in many forms besides sticks and there’s quite a market for incense related products and accessories so you can enhance the smells of your home and beautify it at the same time.

I can smell it in the air tonight..

Date Fri, July 18 2008

The next few posts will deal with different products I use to scent and freshen the air including air fresheners, candles, incense and diffusers.

A recent air freshener product I picked up is a new concept, or at least a concept new to me, as is combined air freshener with dish washing liquid in the same container.

When it came time to replace my dish soap, I picked up Dawn’s Simple Pleasures in Apple/Pear. This product contains not only Dawn’s extra condensed liquid soap (known as Dawn Ultra) but has a separate compartment at the bottom of the bottle where small fragrant, waterproof beads are housed.

I’ve never been super picky about dish soap, as long as it smells fine. This product smells relatively pleasant but I think it might smell better if it were just apple or pear scented which is a bit of a shame considering as it’s also an air freshener which brings us to its unique new function.

The bottom of the container is also a separate compartment for Dawn’s freshness beads which scent the air of the same Apple/Pear smell. The compartment, with vertical slits in the front and back of the bottle, is originally covered with tape. The instructions tell you to remove both pieces of tape for maximum scent but I only pulled off the tape from the front.

Even so, Dawn Simple Pleasures is a very effective air freshener and my kitchen kitchen is immersed in its scent. It wasn’t immediately noticeable but after a short time, it became very powerful. Even my husband noticed.

The bottle claims that the scent will last for several weeks so I imagine the dish washing liquid will last much longer. It’s a shame and the product would probably work better if the freshener and liquid lasted approximately the same amount of time.

What I love about this is that the air freshener is apart of the package. Dishwashing liquid is something I always have on my counter so I don’t need to make room for the air freshener on the counter or take up socket room like plug-in fresheners.

I really like the idea of Dawn Simple Pleasures Dish wash liquid and air freshener. I think it’s a line they could expand on and while the Apple/Pear scent is okay, I think they could do better by focusing on one scent. The freshness beads are very strong and would be perfect if they lasted as long as the dish soap itself. However, I am still satisfied.


Date Thu, July 17 2008

I think my shopping will generally increase once we move. Ryan and I are both looking forward to Wal-mart, Target and the like. Not only having the options, but being able to leave the store with the item we desired without having to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail or having to pay shipping will be problems of the past. I’ll gladly deal with having to pay sales tax for that.

Of course, there’s a few things I don’t quite love about Wal-mart. Some of the stores are extremely poor in regards to stock, customer service and appearance, especially depending upon the neighbourhood and demographic.

Another thing I don’t miss, although I won’t like have to deal with anytime soon was as an employee. Wal-mart received a lot of prank phone calls. In general, it’s a company that gets a lot of crap simply because it’s big and I imagine this has a lot to do with why people choose to make prank calls.

Off the top of my head, I remember someone calling in using a sound board of Arnold Shwarzenegger. Another time, someone called in, donned a fake “Indian”-style accent and inquired as to whether we have adult diaper in different flavours because he needed them for his 6 wives.

Sometimes it’s fun to play along and sometimes I forwarded the calls to management. Of course, sometimes I just hung up. We didn’t need to deal with that crap.

In a Perfect World..

Date Tue, July 15 2008

In a perfect world the ceiling and wall near my lamp wouldn’t be crawling with bugs when I have the window open because it’s stifling and hot in here. Although this has happened before, I only seemed to have notice is tonight and would prefer to be as far away from the insects as possible. What I wouldn’t give for a strategically placed spider – kidding, of course.

Also, in a perfect world, the housing people wouldn’t be coming tomorrow to inspect or “pre-inspect” the place. FMO wouldn’t be coming Friday to take away our entire bedroom set and a few other odds and ends. TMO wouldn’t be packing up all our stuff next week leaving us in an empty apartment for 4 days.

Traveling would be quick, without layovers. I’d be able to have my own personal jet charter in a state of the art plane that flies 3 times as fast as the rest so I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable, ill feeling and crabby upon landing.

The world, of course, is not perfect. Humbug to that!

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