Reviews on the Way

Date Wed, June 25 2008

I’m contemplating several things including some reviews of books I’ve recently read. I’m currently in the middle of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, rereading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series and just bought the last book of the Sovereign Stone trilogy to keep me busy when I’m without my computer during the move.

I’m also planning a review of my mp3 player, wireless mouse and perhaps digital camera.

There will be some new cosmetic reviews, too: Victoria’s Secret body wash and Dove moisturizer.

Big Spending on the Horizon

Date Tue, June 24 2008

You wouldn’t know it from the past 3 days of almost constant rain, but it was rather warm and humid last week. By warm, I mean in the the lower 70s which is the point at which I become uncomfortable thus uncomfortable to be around. Of course, it doesn’t help when I think these thoughts that will soon be heading to San Antonio, Texas. And then it doesn’t help when I consider all the large purchases we will need to be making: car, bedroom set, insurance, and whatever else pops up.

I’m sure some people cool their bodies and heads by taking a dip in the pool and even Ryan has been perusing some apartments with pools but as swimming is not my thing, I’m much more likely to be shopping for parasol than pool floats.

Still, some good things are sure to arise from this and I look forward to them. Visiting family will by a mighty bit cheaper, stores will be more, more varied and open 24/hours, restaurants of every type will crave my patronage and activities will abound.


Date Mon, June 23 2008

I’d recently been browsing some jewelry, especially that with black gems. Onyx isn’t generally considered a precious gem, although it’s popular and it often fitted with diamonds. However, black diamonds caught me eye some year ago and since I saw an advertisement for them, I started browsing. It’s certainly not something I’ll be purchasing in the near future, as it’s much pricier than, say medical id bracelets, and I’m not especially a jewelry aficionado but I certainly like to browse.

LinkSys Wireless-G Router and Adapter

Date Sat, June 21 2008

The other Linksys router I’ve used, and recall more fondly, is a wireless router. The WRT54G Wireless-G Router by Linksys was the rather unattractive blue and black model (although there are newer models which look much nicer). We used it alongside Linksys’ Wireless-G adapter as my roommate was using a desktop with no wireless card.

My computer, as the master still had one wire connecting to the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router which, in turn, was connected to the modem why was connected to the phone jack. The adapter plugged into my roommate’s USB port.

I recall that installation was really easy. One can either use the setup wizard software provided on the disc or go to address of the Linksys web utility. I used to software and it was easy enough for me, someone who had never used a router before, to figure out on my own. It included options like securing the network with a password, something I recommend to all. An unsecured network can lead to others leeching your connection, the least possible result is a slower connection and the worst is a hike in your internet bill!

Use is also easy. After all your cables are plugged in, the appropriate lights should turn green to indicate that the Linksys WRT54G Router is powered on, there is an internet connection and that connection is being fed correctly to each connected system.

At the master computer, I had virtually no problems and any I did have were easily solved by resetting the Linksys WRT54G Router by the button on the back of the piece. However, my roommate had more problems than I did. The network usually worked well across a space of 25 – 40 feet (I’m not a great guesser) but obsessionally she would not have any connection while mine was fine. Sometimes this situation would remedy itself and others I would reset the wireless router, reboot my computer or physically unhook the router and modem to fix the issue. Sometimes this did not help and we simply had to wait for the issue to sort itself out.

Now, I’m pretty confident that this wasn’t an issue with my connection because, at the time, it was very fast and very reliable. Furthermore, I had few issues at the master computer. It seems that Linksys wireless options are at the low end of the spectrum and while this was only mildly irritating for us, for someone who requires constant uptime or fast connections, the Linksys WRT4G Wiress-G Router may not be the way to go.

However, it is readily available and, if you find rebates, quite affordable. I think we ended up spending about $40 for the pair from Best Buy via a mail in rebate. For that price, I can’t really complain.

Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router

Date Fri, June 20 2008

I’ve used 2 Routers by Linksys, one wired and one wireless. The wired, one Etherfast Cable/DSL router actually seems to cause more trouble. It’s the router Ryan bought before I was here with my computer, to use with his laptop and Xbox. Now, ideally, the router will work right out of the box and you don’t need to set anything up. For the most part, this is true. You may want/need to set up the router if you want sometihng besides the default settings for your network or if your ISP requires it.

Now, I hear you asking. “If it works right out of the box, how is it troublesome?” Well, boys and girls, it’s like this. Periodically, out internet just craps out. Now, our internet connection is far from the best so it may not be the router’s fault but I do feel it’s worth mentioning. This issue occurs every so often and starts with the internet being a little slow then gradually receding into the “completely shitty” category where, if we’re lucky, we can refresh a page 20 times and it might load – partially – during one of those refreshes. this seems to occur more frequently when we have both computers hooked up and the typical cure is to unhook everything for a short while, connect the modem directly to the internet, sign in, and then hook up the router once more. This is kind of lame.

We have contacted our ISP and even had someone come out. At these times, the ISP couldn’t detect any issues and we were simply told that they do not “support” routers. This is probably a typical ISP response and I doubt I’m the only person to hear this line of BS.

If you go the way of setting up the LinkSys Etherfast Router, you can use the setup wizard via CD-Rom that comes with the router or go the way of the web-based utility, following the instructions provided. However, this might be easier for those of you whose husbands haven’t thrown those items away. If you’re able to connect to the internet, you can easily find the userguide and quick install, both which should be available with your router when you purchase it.

Overall, the Etherfast Router performs well. There are some gliches with my connection which may be due to my ISP rather than my router but if you have similar issues, be prepared to get the runaround from both your ISP and Linksys’ horrible technical support.

Because all the cool kids are doing it..

Date Fri, June 20 2008

and, no, I’m not talking about drug rehab. In fact, I’m talking about a cool new social blogging service called EntreCards. You’ll notice the widget on the left hand column. As I get more of a feel for it, I intend to write a review of this service. So far, so good. I’m enjoying finding some new blogs and spreading word of mine as well. It’s fairly new but is spreading fast!

Writing About Routers

Date Thu, June 19 2008

One of the most important things about having a blog is the act of blogging. One of the most important things about a review blog is having things to review. Actually, as I look at my desk, I see quite a few electronics that I could submit a review about, things that just hadn’t occurred to me. Often, if I find a product that works but is neither exceptionally good or bad, I sort of forget about it. One of the things I could review is several of the routers I have owned over the past few years. Like the KVM “black boxes,” these have helped me connect additional computers to the internet. My own computer has always been the main one so I cannot complain but with Ryan’s laptop being used more frequently, it makes me wish I still had a wireless router. Alas, I gave it to my roommate when we moved out.

So look forward to a couple of those reviews in the future.

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