Just 4 Beauty Scarves Giveaway

Date Fri, September 15 2017

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4 winners – 2 for the dog pattern, 2 for the Nature Pattern Silk Scarf

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Just 4 Beauty

Women Wool Warm Scarf

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See the review HERE.

First 2 Winners

Women Fashion Brushed Silk Scarf

Women Fashion Brushed Silk Scarf

Available on Amazon!

See the review HERE.

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Almondina Toastees

Date Wed, September 13 2017

A while back, I had a chance to work with Almondina to try their cookie (review here), a more healthy alternative to the sort of snacks that you find just about everywhere. I enjoyed them, so agreed to work with the company again to try another product – Almondina Toastees.

These are crunchy treats that are made without salt or fat added and have no cholesterol and no preservatives. Sounds pretty good, right? Almondina sent me a box with a few flavors to try and report.

Each flavor comes in a resealable bag, and you’ll want to make sure to seal it up. If you don’t, they can get stale. Oops.

I first tried Cranberry Almond as that’s right up my alley, and they’re good! They have a fun crunch and a touch of sweetness that’s not overwhelming. The Toastees look like tiny slices of baked bread more than cookies and chips, and the slices of almonds are impossible to ignore. The cranberry bits add a bit of chewiness that I like.

I would say that the texture is a little dry, so Toastees are probably best with a drink that you can dip them in. Coffee or hot cocoa would work perfectly. Almondina also suggests pairing these with cheese, which would make a good snack for a person of any ages. I think Toastees would be ideal to toss in your lunch box for work or school.

I next tried the Coconut Orange Almond flavor. It seemed like I would enjoy it. However, they’re not my favorite. I find the citrus to be a bit overwhelming, and the coconut is nowhere to be found. Perhaps there’s a balance to be found that I would like better.

The last flavor I was sent to sample was Sesame Almond. I don’t particularly love sesame seeds, and these were just okay. I don’t love them, but they’re not offensive. You can really taste the toasted seeds, and the almonds add a bit of sweetness.

There’s one more flavor that I didn’t get a chance to try — lemon poppyseed. I like the flavor in cakes and muffins, but I’m hesitant because the orange was a bit strong for me. If that’s the case with this last flavor, I’d definitely prefer sticking to the Cranberry Almond Toastees.

If you want to try Toastees, you can buy them directly from the Almondina site. They’re also available from Amazon and Jet.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission.

Fun Doesn’t Stop After Dark with Cornhole Lights

Date Sun, September 10 2017

Cornhole Accessories Include Lights

Are you looking for an accessory for the popular cornhole game that will let you continue to play when daylight ends? Cornhole lights are the functional and stylish answer to being able to let the fun continue long after dark settles in.

Two LED light accessories for your cornhole boards come in each kit. There are five colors, and included is everything needed for power and installation so that you can easily lighten up your cornhole board and make them stand out as you continue to play into the evening and night darkness. The lights can be used creatively to form designs such as a glowing skull eye socket! The creative possibilities are endless and add to the fun.

The enjoyable Cornhole or Corntoss game originated many years ago in the Midwest and has become a “must have” at barbecues, family gatherings, and tailgating parties. They have been made for schools, marketing companies, gifts for weddings and other occasions, and personal and group use.

The custom game board surface is a 48? x 24? half inch plywood rectangle. The hole in the platform has a diameter of six inches and is centered 12 inches from each side of the edges and nine inches from the top. The boards are fitted with fold-down legs to make them very portable.

If you are looking to purchase the best cornhole game boards, heavy-duty bags in 24 different colors, custom logo bags, scoreboards, and other official cornhole products that are for sale on the web, you come to the right place when you come to Custom Corntoss’ shop in Downtown Clearwater or browse through the offerings at customcorntoss.com.

The business opened in 2004 in Clearwater, Florida, after the owners moved from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their goal continues to be to help spread the fun of the game and to supply all the necessary ingredients. They sell custom painted cornhole games and custom logo decal games. They supply official boards and accessories for people and tournaments all over the nation and help run leagues and tournaments all around the Tampa Bay area.


Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser

Date Thu, September 7 2017
Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser

Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser

So here’s a weird thing. The folks from Derma E keep sending me goodies, even though i don’t recall working with them in the past, and I don’t know where they got my address. Oops? But one of those goodies has turned out to be pretty useful, so I’m here to tell you about it.

I haven’t yet posted about my frustrations with oily skin this summer (you’ll see a few posts on that in the near future, however!), but it’s been a challenge. When I used up the last of my facial cleanser, I thought I might try something else. Fortunately, I had a box of Derma E products to choose from, and one of those products is their Purifying Gel Cleanser.

Now, it looks like the company has updated their packaging since then. My tube still says it’s a new product and also highlights that it’s good for oily skin. Score! You might also be interested to know that it’s sulfate free and good for normal skin, too.

I was curious about this product because I haven’t used any product with activated charcoal. Can you believe that? It’s all the rage in cleansers and masks/peels, but I’ve yet to use it. Purifying Gel Cleanser was my first. And how did I like it?

It was weird to have the product come out so dark. It’s not quite a black, but it’s a dark grey gel. When I used it, I almost feel like I’m playing Mario Kart and have been inked on by another player, haha.


When you lather, it lightens, however. The texture is a gel and not a cream, so the lather is a little thicker. But I like how it feels on my face.

There’s no darkness that remains when you rinse it off. There’s also no fragrance; although, this cleanser does have a slight cosmetic scent. It’s quite light. I like that my skin feels clean but not tight and dry when I’m done with this. A lot of products to help with acne or oil dry your skin out so much.

Activated Charcoal Gives It a Grey Tint

Activated Charcoal Gives It a Grey Tint

So how did my skin fair?

Pretty well. I didn’t have a breakout when I switched to it, and break outs have been few and far between. Although, no cleanser can completely prevent my hormone-induced acne. It helped clear up oil on my skin, but there are still days when I feel a little slick at the end of the day. This isn’t a deal-breaker. It’s just how my skin is these days.

Now if only I could find a good oil-free foundation or BB cream to pair with it, we’d be in business.

Derma E products are a little pricier than I typically go for, and the Purifying Gel Cleanser is over $15. I am not sure if I’ll replace this tube once I run out, but I would be interested in trying other Derm E products after this.

You can also find Derma E products at Target, Ulta and CVS, which gives you a leg up if you have a Red Card or use coupons. Ulta even has a buy one, get one 50% off sale right now. Check it out. The only con is that Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser doesn’t seem to be available in stores, so you’ll need to buy online and have it shipped to your home or store. If you’re an Internet shopper like me, you can also add this product to your cart on Amazon or Jet for $12.39, a bit of a savings over buying directly from Derma E.

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

Date Mon, August 21 2017

If I was enlightened and educated by Mary Roach’s  book on cadavers (see my review here), then I am absolutely enthralled with her book on the science of sex.

Now, I’m not only familiar with Mary Roach because of the other book of hers that I’ve read. I first discovered her through an essay she submitted to the Best Sex Writing series in 2009-ish. I’ve also seen at least one her her TED talks on sex, so I am actually more familiar with her as someone who is knowledgeable on the subject of the science of sex than other sciences. Those are just a bonus!

Neither am I a stranger to the general science of sex. I’ve read books and watched TED talks. I subscribe to podcasts and tweet. Hell, I’ve even written content that explains the biology, the physiological, the psychology and sometimes even the sociology of sex. So to say that I was surprised by how much I learned from Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex is one of the highest compliments I can pay.

That isn’t to say that there are not some things that are repeated from other sources. But Roach dives in past the results of the surveys by Masters and Johnson or Kinsey, for example. She contacts researchers or their surviving family members. She discovers who participated and why — and how they may have skewed answers. Roach travels the world to talk to Asian urologists who still perform specific surgeries to help with erectile dysfunction. She talks to experts who might be little known outside of their specific niche or even geographical location. In short, Mary Roach puts in the few work that few people are interested in and, for those who are, even fewer can accomplish themselves. It’s quite the feat!

Mary (and her witting husband) become the subjects in experiments where they have sex in MRIs because there are no other people willing to pick up this mantle. And Roach struggles to measure the distance between her vagina and clitoris, which turns out to be more complicated than you more expect. She’s not shy (neither are most of the characters she comes across in her quest), and it makes for an interesting and educational read.

She knocks on every door, even those in the past. It’s how she’s discovered an oft-forgot fact that shorter women also have a shorter distance between their clitoris and vaginal openings (this is important to a woman’s pleasure and orgasm as you’ll learn if you’re not already aware). She also delves into the history of clitorectomies.

I am continually impressed not only by how intelligent Mary is as an author but how witty. I am sure that I would enjoy discussing Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex with her over a cup of coffee, even though I don’t drink coffee. Her footnotes are clever, and that’s my one complaint with this book: I prefer when footnotes are at the end of each chapter in eBooks. You can easily forget to read footnotes when they’re at the very end of the eBook as they are with Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, and the links to the footnotes don’t seem to work quite right in the copy I was provided through my library. However, you don’t want to miss these notes. They’re hilarious!

In fact, most of my Kindle notes come from the footnotes, including this one.

[the] Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy includes a two-page spread of fourteen thumbnail Coital Diagrams with terse, pronoun-sparse titles: “Pillow Lifts Hips,” “He Diagonally Across.” Chaste as these drawings are—the bed beneath the couple is drawn in more detail than are their faceless, featureless bodies—they were edited out of the first edition. Dickinson tried to appease his publisher by replacing the human forms with a pair of entwining robots; however, he reports, “these evasions proved to be not a little absurd” and the publisher eventually relented.

Despite tackling so many subjects in Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, I feel like Mary Roach is able to give just about each subject its due attention. You learn more than you expect and get a little information if you’d like to delve further into the subject. However, unless you’re as qualified and adventurous as Mary, it’s going to be quite the task to do that!

The Bold Type

Date Tue, August 15 2017

The Bold Type is a new show on Freeform (formerly ABC family) about three women in their 20s who work at a fashion magazine known as Scarlet: Jane (new journalist), Sutton (aspiring fashion designer currently working as an assistant) and Kat (social media maven). The three women form a fierce friendship in NYW as they navigate work, social media, dating and feminism.

Sound familiar? Well, sort of. I mean, it’s easy enough to compare The Bold Type to any TV show starring a few lady friends. But it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those or, at the very least, since I tuned in. But 2017 is a different year. Sometimes it feels like a different world.

But 2017 is a different year. Sometimes it feels like a different world. People own their feminism loudly as Kat does in this show. Women are strong and know that sometimes the world is sexist and unfair and they have to play by a man’s rules even if it’s unfair. This is perfectly exemplified by the strong material character who is the owner of Scarlet. At times, their boss Jaqueline seems like a mentor similar to Kat Grant in Supergirl.

The Bold Type isn’t just feminist because it features multiple women: it screams it. And I like that.

Of course, not everyone will. Some people will just want to run in for the fashion, the steamy sex scenes and the gossip. You’ll find all of this in The Bold Type, but the script has been updated since shows like Sex and the City, which was more faux-menism than feminism at times.

The Bold Type isn’t perfect, either. It’s unrealistic, and I frequently find myself feeling frustrating toward the characters who at once seem naive and entitled and more fortunate than anyone I’ve ever met in real life. As you’d expect, they’re all thin and beautiful. But while The Bold Type might not look like it’s breaking ground on the outside, watching for a few moments highlights something deeper and more purposeful. The Bold Type seems to be created with an intent that you cannot deny.

I mentioned Supergirl as another show that has feminist leanings. The analogy comes easily because characters in both shows work at a magazine. The Bold Type does more to touch on how magazines are affected by the digital age while Supergirl seems to have a more diverse cast overall (so far we’ve seen a queer POC and a lesbian Muslim in this show, and there’s room to expand). The Bold Type has more sex and fewer superheroes but that’s to be expected.

This new show reminds me of another dramedy that I once enjoyed: Ugly Betty. Of course, The Bold Type makes no attempt to hide how attractive — and perhaps unrealistic — the main characters are. Ugly Betty also has more soap opera-esque elements while The Bold Type remains a bit more realistic. And I hope it continues to be a show that portrays fantasy as plausible rather than a fantastic reality that could never exist.

I can’t imagine that The Bold Type would attract many (straight) male viewers. Some of them might even object. The show has already talked about the very real issues of doxxing, sexism in the tech industry, anti-Muslim sentiment, just to name a few. Although few of these subjects get as much attention as I think they deserve, I am glad that The Bold Type discusses them at all.

If you don’t have Freeform, you can watch The Bold Type on Hulu, which I have been doing.

WordBrain 2

Date Fri, August 11 2017

Recently, I’ve taken to playing a few word games on my phone. The first was a sponsored ad on Facebook, but I quickly grew tired of the monotonous game play and frequent ads. The dictionary was also limited, which means I was sometimes smarter than the app.

Still, it reignited an interest. I’m a bit of a wordy person. Most bloggers are, heh. But I wasn’t quite looking for a social game. I’ve played the back-and-forth games. You always wind up waiting on someone or being the person that someone is waiting on, and it gets monotonous. I just want something that I can log into when I want but that won’t be boring because it lacks social features.

Enter WordBrain. This game does a few things differently. For starters, you’re not just looking for words. Instead, you’re looking for words related to a theme, which is both helpful and challenging.

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Each game consists of a grid. Using each letter once, you find between two and four words related to the theme. Another element that adds to the challenge is that order matters. When you remove a word, letter tiles fall downward, meaning that you can only find some words after you find the words that come first.

There are five levels per each theme. As you find words, you unlock hints or the ability to spin for hints. I find that I’m able to play for a good chunk of time before i’ve used up all the hints and need to put the game down to recharge. It’s a good balance for me.

I’ve progressed over 20% through the game at this point. The grid size increases with each set of words, so you may have to find more words or those that are longer.

Eventually, I’ll reach the end, but WordBrain has a pace that I find quite enjoyable, so I imagine this game will be fun until I finish it.

Get WordBrain 2 from Google Play and Amazon.