Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Date Mon, May 1 2017

I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation for the second time (nearly finished, actually). I appreciate the show more now than I did my first run though, I think. Although, I did and still do see much of myself in the main character, Leslie Knope. Leslie is played by SNL veteran, feminist, and comedienne Amy Poehler, so I figured I’d give her memoir a go.

Yes Please is more of a conversation than a memoir. In it, Poehler tells us how she fell in love with comedy (in Chicago, NY and LA, respectively). She talks about her young life, life as a struggling artist and her more recent successes. Through it all, Amy seems real. In fact, after reading this book, I wouldn’t approach Amy on the streets because I know how odd celebrity is for her.

Amy’s just a person. Like so many of us, she’s experimented with drugs, went through awkward fashion phases, lived in crappy apartments, doubted herself and found comedy in all parts of life. In her book, Amy’s honest about her divorce from Will Arnett, but she never delves into the gory details. And perhaps that is where Yes Please fails as a book, even if Amy excels as an actress, writer, and comedienne.

There are few parts of Ms. Poehler’s life that are really exciting. Or perhaps she’s grounded enough that she makes her life seem mundane. The few areas where she could expand on the drama remain a blank space. I can respect that decision.

But the result is a bit bland. Sure, she’s funny and witty and relatable and honest, but Amy Poehler’s book is a little lackluster. It’s just too normal. Too ordinary.

It’s certainly not what I would expect from an extraordinary woman. Of course, some people choose to keep their private lives private and their demons tucked away where they can be managed out of the spotlight. Again, I get it. I’m just not sure why Poehler decided to write a memoir that doesn’t delve into juicy details despite that being part of the book’s description.

I enjoy what Poehler brings to the screen, both as actor and writer. I think I’d like having a coffee date with her. She seems like an enjoyable person. But Yes Please wasn’t something that I derived much enjoyment from due to its normalcy.

Although I don’t think this is a competition between Tina Fey’s Bossypants, I think Fey’s memoir was funnier and made more points, perhaps because Tina was a bit more raw than her peer was able to be in this book.

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielson

Date Fri, April 28 2017

For years, my sister has been raving about the Ascendance Trilogy, a series of fantasy books for young adults. She first read them a few years ago (right around the time that the books came out), so I am definitely out of the ideal demographic as a nearly 31-year-old woman, but I wanted to read my sister’s favorite book to see what’s up.

The False Prince is the first in the trilogy, and it’s an easy ready that won’t take much time or effort.

We started with young Sage, a teenager who has been living in an orphanage for a few years. Sage’s life is turned upside down when a lower nobleman, Connor, shows up to collect Sage and bring him back to Connor’s estate for a secret plan.

As we read, we discover that the Connor’s plan is to plant one of the three orphans as the long-lost prince to take over control of the country after the royal’s family recent murder.

Connor is tight-lipped about who killed the monarchs, what happened to the real prince Jaron several years ago or even what will happen to the two orphan boys who Connor doesn’t choose to be the false prince.

Sage is quick to see through the nobleman’s lies and figure out his plan. Our main character also wastes no time when it comes sticking up for the less fortunate. And did I mention that Sage has a secret of his own — and it’s a whopper?

The False Prince might be a fun introduction to fantasy for the younger readers, and it certainly sets the up the rest of the series. Hopefully, we see more character development in this books. Sage is a character who is supposed to be interesting but isn’t necessarily likable, and we’re supposed to like him.

Jennifer Neilsen, the author, certainly isn’t the least talented writer whose words have graced the page. But I prefer high fantasy where more happens and, perhaps more importantly, stories that aren’t quite so cliched and twist that aren’t so easy to guess.

Most of this might just be that The False Prince isn’t intended for adults, and that’s fair. I still get to share knowledge of my sister’s favorite book and series, and that made it worth my time. If you’re encouraging a tween or teen reader to get into longer books, The False Prince might be right up their alley.


Become a Stella & Dot Stylist, Get $650 in Fashion Accessories

Date Wed, April 19 2017

Hey folks! If you’re into fashion, accessories, and jewelry and you’re looking for a way to discover new trends, perhaps introduce them to other people and make money from it all, this is the post for you!

This post is on behalf of Stella & Dot, a woman-friendly fashion accessory company that relies on fashionistas like you to act as stylists and introduce friends and family to products that the brand makes and sells. Take a look at their website, and you’ll see all the scarves, bags, jewelry and other accessories that your friends will be clamoring for. And you can get a leg up simply by becoming a stylist.

If this sounds up your alley, I’ve got great news! It’s never been a better time to sign up to become a Stella & Dot because you’ll get up to $650 in free accessories — nearly double the normal amount for new stylists!

All you need to do is sign up now and generate $1,000 worth of sales in the first 30 days to earn that $650 in product. What a great deal.

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Easter Beauty Deals

Date Tue, April 18 2017

Got a little time on your hands today between family activities? Why not save some money on these beauty deals!

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Get Fit and Outfitted

Date Mon, April 17 2017

I can’t help but notice that it’s marathon/5k/fundraiser time of the year. There are signs, commercials, and ads everywhere. My friends on Facebook are talking about the things they’re doing either for health or a good cause — or both. Good job, guys!

There are a number of ways to spread the word about causes, and I’ve named a few. I know some people are directly looking for donations, both in person and online. Others sell goodies, donating a portion of the proceeds. Some people just want to raise awareness, so they write blog posts, make signs and wear t-shirts.

And where do you get shirts? CustomInk is an affiliate I’ve worked with for some time. They allow you to create custom shirts like those you might wear with your buddies during a 5k. Or make a gift. Or dress up your softball team. It’s all up to you, really.

And I’ve taken a look at CustomInk’s setup. I’m not sure that it could be any easier to use. Check out my guide to using CustomInk to learn more.

** I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Win $300 in gift cards (Amazon, Target, and Walmart) #Giveaway Ends 4/26

Date Fri, April 14 2017

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the $300 in gift cards: Amazon, Target, and Walmart Giveaway!

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Giveaway: Win a $100 Target Gift Card

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Legendary: Game of Heroes

Date Wed, April 12 2017

It’s interesting that I am just not getting around to writing about Legendary because I’ve been playing it for over half a year already!

When people ask what I’m playing, I describe it as similar to Puzzle Question. I enjoyed two of those three games on my DS (read my review) as well as Marvel Puzzle Quest on mobile (it was one of my top five apps). But after logging in every day for over a year soon became boring. I had complete all the story quests, and the daily quests had become monotonous. I haven’t been playing Legendary for as long, but it has a few features that have held my interest since I first started playing it.

Legendary Game of Heroes game play

After making 6 matches during a battle

Like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Legendary is a puzzle/RPG hybrid. You complete a puzzle similar to Bejeweled, and collect gems of each color to use attacks. Legendary also adds an element with heart-shaped health “gems” to refill your health bar. Another difference is with the game mechanics. Rather than just swapping gems up-and-down or side-to-side, you can move them diagonally, and every time you make a match of three or more gems, you extend the timer, so you can actually make multiple matches per turn, and each successive match increases your bonus.

This allows you to add more gems of the same color to create 6-of-a-kind for a bonus gem. You can then swap two bonus gems to clear all the gems of those colors from the board and add their totals to your count.

If your health takes a hit, you can watch a 3o-second video for a second chance.

Outside of the matches, Legendary continues to differ from Puzzle Quest. Obviously, there are no Marvel characters. Instead, there are fantasy-inspired characters such as types of wraiths, witches, and krakens. The characters break down by element (earth, fire, air, water, darkness and light). Each element corresponds to other elements against which it’s particularly effective (darkness – light, for example) You can create teams of 6 characters (and have multiple teams).

Legendary gives you the opportunity to “buy” characters and gear with gems that you earn or can buy with actual money. You’ll also earn potions to increase the level of those characters, and a combination of gold and items, both earned in game, allow you to evolve your cards to stronger characters who have stronger defenses and attacks.

I have only recently started working on the elite story quests after having finished the main quest. There are also various quests, including daily elemental quests, the gold temple for earning gold, guild wars that pit guilds against one another and weekly events, which change and give you the opportunity to earn limited characters and items. When these events end, you get bonuses depending on your overall rank and that of your guild.

The team behind Legendary has recently released new updates, including items and scroll that act as buffs for your team, elemental trials to earn items and gear dungeons to earn the items/scrolls recently added. Another new option is VIP ranking, which is so new that I am not quite sure how it works.

One thing that makes Legendary particularly engaging are guilds. I’ve been in two, the majority of my time spent in an active guild. During weekly events, my guild competes together to earn as much as possible, and we chat pretty frequently. Being in a guild also helps for quests, where you send a helper from your guild or friends list to search for keys (needed to play certain matches), gold, characters, and gear. When your friends use your characters as helpers, you gain honor points to use for

Psst — join my guild.

With so much to do, I can easily spend an hour playing every day before running out of every type of key or stamina, which are needed for the battles. The variety is one of the reasons that it’s compelling to log on day after day when other games have lost their luster.

Check our Legendary on Google Play, iTunes, and Facebook.

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