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Date Tue, February 24 2015

Now, my cats have played with a few foraging toys, mostly weighted balls that they can move around. so the MixMax seemed to stupefy them a little bit.

IMAG3686_1What I like about this toy, if your cats do enjoy it, is that you can purchase more shapes and add them together to make a more complex puzzle. The easy MixMax, which is the one I received to review, works by itself, but you can up the ante if you want to train your cats or if your pets are especially smart. You can combine the easy, medium and hard for endless hours of fun. however. Each costs less than $20.

One thing I noticed was that the little treat caps could fall off the base without dropping the treats, leaving the treats stuck under them. If they were some way you could prevent that from happening so that the treats always became free, this would work better. I’m not sure how that would work though.

As for my cats? Well, I love them, but they like seem to like the weighted ball a bit better. I had to move the blocks myself to get them to replicate it. Once Phantom got the hang of it, he was able to repeat the actions with the other blocks.

To be honest, Goliath was never much into the foraging toys because Phantom tends to take over treats, so I always have to distract him to ensure Goliath gets a few treats. Goliath, despite being the bigger cat, is just more timid about treats. He might like the MixMax better if he had more alone time with it.

One thing I’m a bit stumped by is storage. The MixMax takes up more space than most cat toys I have, and I’m worried about the little block pieces becoming lost. It would be awesome if this could fold up into half the size!

If you’re interested, you can buy MixMax toys on Amazon, including one for dogs.

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