Friskies Pull N Play Cat Treat Toy

Date Fri, July 15 2016

My cats like foraging toys. I’ve bought some, and I’ve even reviewed another similar toy in the past. I don’t really need more than one, but it’s handy to have one. It allows your kitties to get treats, use their predator instincts and burn off some energy. Win, win!

My sister actually bothered me for weeks to buy my cats the Friskies Pull N Play Cat Treat Toy. Mom bought one for her cat, who seemed to like it. So I’d seen it in person before it came available to review from Chewy, and I just knew I had to try it out! It’s an adorable green-and-white mouse that looks a bit alien once you add the snack strings (more on those below).

Now, most foraging toys are essentially weighted balls with a big hole for putting in treats and a small one that your cat uses to get the treats out. Friskies comes with a bag of Party Mix treats, which my cats have already enjoyed in the past. They work well in the container, which screws apart. The hole in the Pull n Play Toy is quite large, so you could use a variety of treats if you had something else on hand.

What makes this different is the two holes in the top where you insert two string-like treats. A resealable sample pack comes with 6 or 8 Chicken & Cheese flavored Pull ‘n Play strings, which kind of remind me of the pullable Twizzlers. Note that I have to store treats in the fridge so my boys won’t scarf them down, and the snack strings will dry out if not completely sealed. This makes it hard to pull them apart without breaking.

So you stick the snack strings in top and regular treats in the bottom.. then let your cats go!

Phantom always hoards the treats as you can see in this video. He goes after the regular treats, first. But when he’s done, he’ll nom on the snack strings.

Interestingly enough, we had played with the toy 3 or 4 times before I finally saw him eat any of the strings. He would leave the toy alone all day then come back at night to eat them, I guess. What a weirdo!

Of course, you’ll need to buy the snack sticks separately from regular treats if you want to replace them, and Chewy sells them for under $3. However, you could skip that part if your cat didn’t like them.

I would actually like to see a slightly smaller hole in the toy. The treats spill out pretty easily, and it’s not as challenging to my cats as some similar toys, which is really the point of a foraging toy.

But the cats still like the Friskies Pull N Play Treat Toy, so what do I know? LOL!

I received this product from Chewy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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