Weather Kitty

Date Wed, December 24 2014

This review will be short and sweet, just like Weather Kitty.

I discovered this app last week a la Lil Bub. Bub is just one of the several famous Internet kitties whose photos are available on Weather Kitty. If you’re not a fan of Lil Bub — what? No way! — you can download hundreds of of other kittens. Grumpy Cat is also available as a photo pack in Weather Kitty.

Whenever you check the weather, you see a random and adorable photo. It took me about a dozen updates before they recycled, which was awesome. I hadn’t seen any of the photos of Lil Bub, and I follow along quite a bit!

There are several free photo packs; although, I paid about $3 for Lil Bub’s pack. Bub is priceless, of course, so this was a price that I was more than happy to pay. Of course, you’ll want to share your kitty, and the ability to upload a screenshot directly to social media from the app is awesome! If you’re one of my Facebook friends, you’ve seen plenty of these.

Weather Kitty is the cutest way to check weather!

Weather Kitty is the cutest way to check weather!

Weather Kitty uses your location, and you can add other locations. As a weather app, it’s decent. It’s easy to read, and the in-depth panel includes information such as humidity, wind and visibility.

There’s also a 10-day forecast that has both icons and text. And you can see hourly weather predictions as well as the current radar in Wather Kitty. There’s even information about sunrise and sunset.

The only thing I dislike about weather kitty is loading. If you’re on a slow connection, finding your new kitty photo can take a while, or it might not load at all. This is a bummer because I love weather kitty!

Weather Kitty is available from iTunes and Google Play.

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