Shopping at Target? #NOTICETHELOTUS #ad

Date Mon, January 4 2016
derma e DMAE Eye Lift now at Target. Just look for the lotus!

derma e DMAE Eye Lift now at Target. Just look for the lotus!

You might be doing some shopping at Target with your extra holiday cash or maybe just because this is the one store where you can get everything at a great price. After all, they’ve got decor, gifts and cards, food and everything you need to host a party or make your home feel festive. I say this as a fellow Target lover myself. In fact, I can see  a Christmassy LED candle on my shelf that I recently bought from Target, which offered free shipping on almost everything this past holiday season. I also hit up Target for some of the gifts I purchased, and some of them that I received came from Target, too.

Target has all sorts of new goodies, including some that you might not have been expecting. One such product is derma e DMAE Eye Lift, which you can recognize from the lotus logo. This eye cream is something you’ll want to add to your toolkit if you’re worried about signs of aging. It helps to firm and lift around the eyes, in part thanks to the active ingredient DMAE and other ingredients that promote collagen to keep your skin elastic. This can prevent new wrinkles and skin concerns from occurring, not just correcting issues you’re already concerned about.

One of my favorite things about this new eye cream is that it’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, GMO-free. A lot of cosmetics contain parabens, mineral oil or lanolin, which can be a problem for skin that’s as sensitive as the skin around the eyes can be. But you won’t find any of that in derma e eye cream! Beauty comes from this inside out, and this is one product that helps promote that partnership.

This is especially important as we become more aware as consumers. We’re looking toward companies we feel ethical in supporting with our money because every dollar allows a company to continue making profit and existing. Who doesn’t want to feel good about the products they’re buying?

This eye cream was developed by doctors, but you don’t need to visit your doctor to see results. derma e DMAE Eye Lift with Instalift® Goji Berry Glycopeptides. is available conveniently from everyone’s favorite big box store whose logo is a red bulls eye! Target happens to be one of the stores that I like supporting, both because the treats LGBTQA employees respectfully and because of the balance between quality and price that I like as a shopper.

So if you #NOTICETHELOTUS at Target, go ahead and pick it up if it’s something you’ll find useful. You can feel good about looking good!

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