Chomp Snack Sticks

Date Tue, January 5 2016

Maybe it’s a Wisconsin thing. You know, the German influence. I like sausage, I like jerky, and, yes, I like all sorts of snack sticks. I don’t eat them all the time, but there’s several local companies that make this type of snack, so there’s no shortage of options in grocery stores or even gas stations. But Chomp snack sticks were a brand I’ve yet to hear of, and maybe you’ve yet to hear much about them. So let me tell you a bit about them!

Chomp is a company that’s dedicated not just to making delicious snack sticks in a variety of flavors, but they want to do this in an ethical way. So all the snack sticks are 100% Non-GMO Grass-Fed Angus Beef. They’re not exactly local to me — they come all the way from New Zealand. I can’t name a lot of products from NZ, so that’s a pretty cool piece of trivia.

There’s also no artificial ingredients, making these snack sticks one of the few that are paleo. In fact, Chomp uses natural celery juice to make their snack sticks shelf stable. I didn’t even know this was possible. How neat! Parents looking for a healthy snack option for their little ones might consider Chomp the next tiem they’re at the store. Of course, these snack sticks offer a bit of energy and protein, which makes them good for folks who like to be active as well as those who just like to chomp on some sausage.

This company is relatively new, having existed for only a few years. But I think their approach is going to see them become quite successful.

Now that you know a little bit about the company, let’s talk about the products. I was sent 2 sticks each of three different flavors: regular, Hoppin’ Jalapeno and Crankin’ Cran. The first two flavors are pretty typical, but I thought Crankin’ Cran was interesting! I opted for the original flavor because I actually have a rather low tolerance for spicy foods. They were pretty similar in taste and texture to other snack sticks, and I’d definitely try them again.

I had a couple friends try the jalapeno flavor, which they seemed to like. I tried the Crankin’ Cran flavor myself before reading the description, which might have been a funny judgment call error on my part. You see, these are actually a unique blend of spicy plus sweet, like the product description states:

We’ve built upon our original snack stick recipe by adding a blend of ingredients that brings on a whole new dimension of flavor. Hot habanero peppers give an extra spicy, savory base flavor, which is enhanced by the addition of sweet and tangy dried cranberries.

Chomp was good about describing these as very spicy. And they were! In fact, the company has decided to tone down how spicy they are after receiving feedback. I think this is pretty awesome that the company listens to consumers.

Of course, as spicy isn’t my thing, I would opt for the regular flavor in the future, but you might enjoy Chomp snack sticks in all their options. I would definitely like to see more flavors in the future; although, I’m not nearly creative enough to suggest what those should be. Perhaps you have some ideas! Let me know in the comments what snack stick flavor you’d like from Chomp, whether you’ve heard of this company or if you’ve had a chance to try them!

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