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Date Mon, January 18 2016

I don’t tend to use a lot of product on my brows. I pluck them to give them shape, but it’s more natural and less “Instagram brow.” Before I got my brow tinting gel, I would do little more than brush them into place. Although. I now use that a lot more than I suspect. It’s a brush and color in one — super convenient, right?

So it’s about time that I try some more eyebrow products. After all, if you forget your brows, you tend to look a little underdone, am I right? This time around I was able to try two different kits from Billion Dollar Brows. With a name like Billion Dollar Brows, my expectations for this company were immediately raised.

And I was already impressed when I got the packages and received not one, but two, kits. These are the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit and the Best Sellers Kit. Each comes with a papercoard slipcover and opens up to house the pieces in the kit. All the info you need it on both box and cover, and the design is sleek. But how do they perform?

60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit

If you’ve only got a little time or you want a more natural day time look — I really prefer a more natural look no matter what time of day it is! — then this is the kit for you. It includes a brow powder and a dual-sided brush. One side is similar to a mascara brush (did you know this is actually called a spoolie brush?) so you can wrangle your brows into submission and blend the powder, and the other is a soft, angled brush for applying the powder. The angle means you could potentially wear the powder under and around your eyes, too. Awesome!

In fact, my kitty Phantom loved everything in these kits, and chased this brush around the house multiple times. I guess I have to keep it under lock any key!

Anyway, once I found it, it was incredibly easy to use. The powder in this is listed as taupe, which is a brown which a purple-ish hue. It’ll work for most faces and eyebrows, but it might be too dark if you’re extremely fair-haired or too light if you’re a raven-haired beauty.

Still, I would recommend using less than you think you need and building coverage in layers. I personally thought the shade was just a bit too much purple for my tastes and preferences, but it’s not like anyone would have said anything. I just notice those shades more than most people.

The powder and brush were easy to use, much faster than 60 seconds. The coverage works best if you already have natural brows that are decently shaped, and I don’t think it would work super well if you need to fill in your brows or want really defined lines.

I wouldn’t expect all-day coverage, but it’s not going to be noticable as it fades.

For $24.00, you can buy the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Kit directly from Billion Dollar Brows.

Best Sellers Kit

Like the other kit, this one comes with a paperboard slipcover. Opening it revealed four different products!

  • Brow pencil
  • Brow gel
  • Brow duo pencil
  • Smudge Brush

This is the kit you want for a night look with more defined lines and more impact.  Watch the video below for more info:

You can use just one of these products or all of them. The brow pencil is the first tool in this kit that you’ll want to use, and it’s designed to work for all skin tones and eyebrow colors. Add color with the pencil and use the spoolie brush on the other side to define shape. You could just stop there, or you could use the brow gel to hold your eyebrow hairs in place. This is great if your eyebrows are particularly unruly.

The brow duo brush consists of a concealer, which you can use anywhere that you have blemishes, and a highlighter that’s used above and below your brows to give you those sleek lines and highlight the area. If you use this, you’ll want to finish up with the smudge brush, that does exactly what you’d expect.

The look achieved with the Best Sellers Kit is definitely more polished and made up, but I think you can customize it if you like a more natural look.

You get all four of these items for $42 in the Best Sellers Kit by Billion Dollar Brows, which is quite the steal.

If you get both of these kits or buy anything from the Billion Dollar Brows store for over $50, you can save 15% with coupon BDBJAN15. You could get a brow primer and tint, for example, to create your own custom kit.

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