6 Things I Learned About Gel Nail Polish from the Acevivi UV Lamp

Date Wed, September 9 2015

This post is brought to you courtesy of Acevivi, a brand I hadn’t heard of before I was sent their UV gel nail polish curing lamp. It was also the first time I’ve ever had gel nail polish. I only get regular polish when I have a manicure or pedicure professionally done. While I’ve heard good things about those polishes, gel also tends to be a little well, boring, for my tastes.

So I figured I would try it out in my own home to see if gel polish is something that I liked, which is where this product comes in. Because I hadn’t used polish before, this was an entirely new experience. I also didn’t own any gel polish, I headed to Sally Beauty to pick one up. I found a shimmery shade I quite liked, but it definitely was not opaque, so I decided to layer it over regular polish.

Boy did I learn a lot!

  1. When using regular polish under gel polish, it may wrinkle. Wait for your regular polish to dry first. One blogger reports that even waiting up to a day may still result in wrinkling.
  2. Clean up any regular polish before putting on the gel polish and curing because..
  3. Cured gel nail polish doesn’t remove normally with acetone/polish remover. My hybrid polish actually tore (see the photo). A soak in acetone for 10 to 15 minutes is recommended to remove the polish, which may become gummy.
  4. Gel polish doesn’t seem to cure as glossy as most regular polish, so I would definitely recommend adding a glossy gel topcoat unless you like the more satin-y look. There are a number of “high shine” top coats available to use, including OPI’s GelShine and Orly Gel FX. You can also buy a matte gel top coat if you like the matte look.  Many of these are available on Amazon but, to be honest, you can probably get a better deal at Sally Beauty.
  5. Curing is quick. Like 60 seconds quick!
  6. Cured polish will still dent, but those dents aren’t permanent. It’s pretty different from regular dying polish.
Aceviv UV Nail Lamp

Aceviv UV Nail Lamp

I’m still getting the hang of gel polish and will definitely have to try again. I’m thinking I’ll just use gel polish to avoid wrinkling. The color I have is a sparkly blue/purple that would look good over a teal or light blue, topped off with a shiny gel top coat, which I would definitely recommend.

I experienced some initial flaking using both types of polish, and I must have scraped my nail against something because there’s an entire missing patch on my thumb!  But the gel polish I used wasn’t intended to be a topcoat, so I’m sure a proper topcoat would work much better!

I do like my Acevivi nail lamp, however. It would work for pedicures as well as manicures. It’s virtually silent, and you could keep it on all the time (for professional use?) or time it.

I also discovered that I can use it to “charge” my glow-in-the-dark jewelry — a super handy second use for the lamp.

At $60, the lamp probably isn’t the best for someone who won’t get much use out of it, but it’s a good investment if you can’t wear regular polish due to your career or simply don’t have a time to give yourself frequently manis/pedis but want your nails to look awesome for a long time thanks to gel polish.

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