Spin for Perfect Skin Brush [Followup Review]

Date Tue, December 31 2013

Spin for Perfect Skin Brush

I really enjoyed using my Vitagoods Spin for Perfect Skin Brush, but it appears that this relationship just wasn’t meant to be.

  • I had to change the first set of batteries after just a few weeks. I’m not sure what happened, but the second step lasted much longer. As the batteries start dying, the brush gets quieter. It also fails to spin as well when you use any sort of pressure. So even if the batteries aren’t completely dead, you’ll want to swap them out.
  • I had two accidents with the spin brush. I dropped it once and the entire head popped off, revealing wires. Nothing broke and I was able to snap the head back on. However, it seems like it should be glued on better, especially for use in a shower. What would happen if wires become exposed in the water?
  • Somehow, I managed to drop the skin brush a second day in a row! This caused the head to pop off again, but the battery cap also flew off. Plus, one of the two wires broke off. It did so in a way that the wire broke off from the insulation. Now, I probably could have fixed this with a wire stripper, but it’s not something I am going to do.

I quickly scooped up the pieces, dried off the batteries and tosses the brush. It’s a shame because I really liked the effect. However, I’m not going to rush out and purchase the brush from the site. Even with the code Cole713, it still costs over $40 with shipping. You can purchase the brush on Amazon for $34.99 with free shipping for Prime members or find something cheap to add on to get free shipping for $35.

Amazon also has a number of similar brushes, some of cheap at $17 and some that are identical to this, so I will definitely check those out, too.

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