A Method in This Madness

Date Sun, November 23 2008

Method products are an eco-friendly alternative to using harsh chemicals to clean your home (and self!) while reducing the amount of trash and plastic which end up in the landfills. I’d heard about the products a while aog but wasn’t in a rush to buy them.

When we needed more hand soap in the bathroom, I did what I usually do which is to sniff about a million different bottles before I find something I like. I saw that Target had Method products in stock and they came in some really cute teardrop shaped bottles. I chose the Water Flower scent which is a pretty shade of pink. The website boasts that these hand washes are “non-toxic [and] triclosan-free.”

What I think is unique abut these products is that instead of buying a replacement bottle when it runs out, you buy replacement soap in a pouch. Method describes their refill pouches with the following:

It turns out this pouch uses 83% less plastic than a rigid PET bottle. Not only that, but it takes less energy to produce. And that’s better for the planet and you. Plus, a pouch makes refilling your hand soap more fun. So go ahead, hug me, squeeze me, never let me go.

Which means not only that I’m doing a favour for the earth but for my trash as, unfortunately, I do not have readily available recycling.

To top it off, Water Flower is a great floral scent which is not overpowering. The hand wash itself isn’t drying and has not other ill effects. Overall, I think this is a great product and I will definitely look into other Method products.

Helpful Hint: Method doesn’t just make hand wash (although you can also get it in foaming). Try their body washes, fabric softener, lotions, omop with biodegradable wet and dry pads and home scents including aroma rings and icnense.

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