ACEVIVI Portable Facial + Body Brush

Date Thu, July 30 2015

You might get the impression that I really like these little spin brushes, considering that I’ve reviewed two others. I do! Sadly, they don’t seem to last, even when they appear to be high quality. Either they break into pieces out right, or they just stop working right with no explanation! So I was excited to try this brush by Acevivi.

acevivi rotating scrub brush

Acevivi Rotating Skin Cleansing Brush

Like all the other brushes I’ve tried, this one comes with multiple heads. The focus is that it’s a face brush, so there’s a regular brush for your face and a sponge for moisturizing. However, it also comes with a small pumice stone and a much larger body brush, which was was I wanted from it. These are the same attachments as the other brushes I’ve reviewed save for the sponge, and you can use any of the heads from the ToiletTree brush on this handle, too.

Here are a few thoughts about it:

  • The design of this is exactly the same as the Vitagoods Spin Brush, including the bent head.
  • It’s generally smaller than the ToiletTree brush, and the more angled head means it doesn’t extend my reach quite as much.
  • The battery cap slides off when you pinch it shut, which might be hard on some people’s hands, but seems more secure than the cap on the similar ToiletTree Brush.
  • There’s a hole at the end of the battery cap where you could put a loop, but it doesn’t come with one. I will definitely be adding something so I can store it by hanging.
  • It runs on 4 AAs just like both other brushes.
  • There is a nice, tactile and audible click when you turn it on, which is missing from the ToiletTree brush.

When I first popped in some batteries, rechargeable ones, it seemed to be running slowly. I guess they hadn’t charged as long as I thought. When I popped in fresh ones, it moved much faster and with an audible sound. I really like the feel of the spinning brush on my back and shoulders, and this also helps to lather up. I haven’t had any issues with that.

However, I doubt you’re going to get effective exfoliation from the pumice stone because the head will stop turning as soon as you apply any pressure.

Once you’re done using the brush, you’ll want to rinse it off and make sure it’s stored without crushing the bristles on the soft brushes. They will lose shape over time, but you don’t want to speed this up. You can purchase replacement heads for other brush systems, including this set from Vitagoods, so this brush remains useful even if you’ve gotten all you can out of the attachments.

Having used three of these brushes, I can tell you that 2 of them are pretty much identical, but the face/body brush by Acevivi is less than $20 from Amazon, which is a serious savings over the Vitagood brush system. Because I haven’t had much luck with long-term quality, I would definitely consider the price the selling point that wins me over.

Keep your eye open for more reviews of Acevivi products in the future!

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