Date Thu, February 5 2009

I’m sure, by now, most of you have seen the commercials advertising Activia, the yogurt which is meant to help regulate your digestive system. They used Jamie Lee Curtis a lot and usually feature women saying things about how they are uncomfortable but that is “just how it is” for them. By the urging of friends and family these people try Activia which helps “intestinal transit” by use of probiotics (Bifidus Regularis, in this case) or healthy bacteria. Cue the strategically placed arrow over a woman’s abdomen and the commercial ends.

I know it sounds hokey. I thought so, too. But the people at Danon are so sure that this product will help speed up your slow digestive system that they have issues the Activia Challenge. If you eat this yogurt everyday for two weeks and your system is still out of wack, they’ll refund your money up to $12. That sounded pretty good to me.

I decided to try Activia because I was sick of being uncomfortable. My colon felt bloated at the time. Things just weren’t working right, You definitely couldn’t set a clock by me. Sometimes this got in the way of life. It had been this way for at least a year so I considered this normal but I was sick of it.

Cue me picking up some raspberry Activia Light from the store. The first thing I noticed is that Activia is sold in 4 and 8 packs so you cannot come up with a combination of 14. LOL So, Danon makes a little extra money but it’s not too bad because Activia tastes pretty good. I didn’t have to force myself to take it. I usually had a cup in the morning and this fat free yogurt wasn’t bad. The cups might have been a little smaller than usual and sometimes the yogurt seemed to separate (its texture was a bit different from usual) but, overall, I liked it.

Did it work? Yes. I have actually been comfortable and regular and I feel normal. I don’t have to worry about how weird I feel all the time. There’s no more bloat. It doesn’t take forever for things to get done. I’m really astonished.

As you can guess, I would recommend this product to anyone. Activia is available in regular and light (no fat) versions in several flavours like raspberry, peach, vanilla and blueberry. Available in 4, 8, 12 or 24 packs, the latter of which include 2 flavours, it doesn’t hurt to try Activia. And, if it doesn’t work, they’ll refund your money (until March 31, see package for details).

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  1. Sara Roberts July 11 2010 @ 1:17 pm

    I tried the Activia yogurt and found that it was a little harsh on my system. I tried alot of different probiotic yogurts and pills but just recently I came across probiotic Attune bars. They have active cultures in them and taste like a chocolate bar! I encourage everyone to try them. The bars come in a variety of flavors for you to choose from.They were very tasty and they fit my digestive problems without the harsh side effects I experienced with Activia.

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