Ambi Even & Clear Exfolating Facial Wash

Date Sat, June 6 2009

I was not familiar with Ambi products when I saw this face wash at Wal-mart. I thought it looks simply and classy and I was intrigued by its promises to not only fight acne but to help “visibly improve skin tone & texture”. As someone who has always been a bit blotchy, I was doubly hooked so I added the product to my cart and away I went.

I’ve used this product just under a month, probably, and have say say I am really impressed. The exfoliating beads are tiny, non-abrasive but feel effective all the same. Combined with the scent which only matches products I’ve previously used as spas, and this really feels like a luxurious, high end product that I might actually have purchased from a spa.

And it works, too. There have maybe been 3 days when I used this that I suffered from any break outs and one was a day when I skipped my shower/face wash so I’d say sticking to the routine helps this product work better. However, even when I was faced with blemishes, they disappeared within 48 hours tops.

Like the bottle advertises, it does seem like marks from these blemishes are much lighter than they would be with other products. While my facial texture isn’t perfect, it does seem improved. My skin seem fresh and soft and I’ve never been a big fan of exfoliating washes. I suppose Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating wash has won me over. Makeup seems to go on better and, overall, I really like the way my skin looks and feels are compared to how it was before I started using this product.

Now, before I sat down to write this review I thought I’d look up the product because, as I said, I’ve never heard of it before and wanted to find out new it is. It turns out, Ambi products have been out for over a decade but are geared towards skin of colour. although this face wash is one of the newer products in the line, it’s still been out for about 4 years. I figure, I just haven’t seen it because it may have been shelved separately from regular facial care products. Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Face Wash may have been meant for coloured skin – although, there’s no mention of this on the bottle – but it sure works great for my pasty, white girl skin. ;)

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