AmiClubWear Shoes, Dress and Accessories Review

Date Sat, July 19 2014
Shop for Clothing and Accessories

Shop for Clothing and Accessories

I’d like to thank AmiClubeWear, a site that I had my eye on for a while for this review. They sent me an entire box of goodies to review, and it took me a while to get around to it!

Here’s everything you need to know about the store.

Shopping AmiClubWear

Because AmiClubWear moves stock so fast, some of the things I received might not be available. On the flip side, this means there are constantly new items and markdowns. If you’re patient, you can find shoes for as little as $5 per pair, but you’ll want to buy shoes or clothing now if you really can’t live without it.

AmiClubwear carries so many items that shopping can be a little difficult. There are literally thousands of shoes, and I would have loved the ability to filter some of the sections for ease of use. For example, filtering my heel height in shoes would be nice, and choosing colors for clothes would be useful as well. There is a search bar, though.

The type of clothing is often appropriate for going out. You can find some work-appropriate items, but shoe height tends to be pretty tall (between 4″ and 6″).  Most of the shoes are open toe, too. I wasn’t previously familiar with the brands listed for clothing and shoes, but AmiClubWear now has its own label, which the site is trying to promote. I did receive one pair of shoes manufactured by them. Generally, brands are not listed with product information, and product names may be different than the makers or other stores use.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

4 of the products I was sent to review were pairs of shoes — and none of them cost over $20!

AmiClubWear Shoes

AmiClubWear Shoes

Each of the shoes were a different brand, so the fit varied a little even though they were all size 9. The black and pink skull heels were the highest and also cut the largest. In fact, I’d say they run about 1/2 size larger. I wound up passing them off to a friend. The peep toe and pink sole was cute. One thing I did notice was that these had a much cheaper, plastic smell than the other brands, which was disappointing.

The black rhinestone pumps were definitely a surprise. With a lower heel, they’re easier to walk in, and I really think they look better in person than they do in product photos. They’ll work well with a variety of skirts and dresses, and the black-on-black rhinestones are glitzy but not gaudy.

I’ve gotten the most wear out of the coral wedges, which feature round studs along the heel and a two-tone color and fabric. The wedges were easy enough to walk in, but my feet were definitely hurting after wearing them to a club for a few hours. You might want to invest in some insoles intended specifically for high heels. After a little bit of use, these shoes did loosen up a little bit, but they remained quite wearable.

The last pair of shoes are ones that I haven’t yet had a chance to wear, but I love the look of the pleated blue chiffon. It’s super feminine and a little classy. However, the sole at the toes lifts up from the floor a bit, which makes them tricky to walk in. They would be perfect if the toe sat flat on the ground.

Coral Closed Toe Studded Wedges Faux Suede

Coral Closed Toe Studded Wedges Faux Suede

Coral Dreams

The fashionable colors this spring were mint and coral, and AmiClubWear had plenty of both. I was looking at a coral dress to match the shoes, but sadly it was out. I opted for the Coral Sheer Chiffon Long Sleeve Casual Top, which looked awesome in photos. Unfortunately, the cut of the arms and the width across the shoulders ran really small, so I wasn’t able to fit into it.

I received the Coral Two Tone Patent Faux Leather Rhinestone Clutch Handbag, too. As the name suggest, it pairs coral with another color — teal. It’s super colorful. The rhinestones and bow detail are such that I wouldn’t carry this with me on a daily basis. I do like how you can carry it as a clutch or attach the optional strap to make it a purse, but the faux-leather material seemed a little cheap.

Dress to Impress?

Finally, I received the Black Mesh Center Cut Out Hem Sexy Dress AMI+ from the plus-sized clothing section. This is a form-fitting dress with a mesh cutout over the bust. I loved the cutout. In the right bra, it looked amazing. The material doesn’t really hide any problem areas, so I suggest wearing a slip or shapewear underneath, like I did. The thicker material felt nice against my skin, however. The dress is cut slightly higher in the front, which I found interesting.

I think I’ll feel a little more confident in this once I shed a few pounds, but my butt and bust looked great. It  definitely didn’t look terrible, and pairing it with bright shoes — I wore it with the coral wedges — and fun accessories is perfect.

AmiClubWear — Yay or Nay?

Like I said, you can find some amazing sales. Not everything on the site is to my taste, and it may not be your style. If you keep an eye out, you can snag amazing deals. Quality can range, and the lack of filter options and brand mention do make AmiClubWear a little frustrating, however, but I definitely think it’s worth considering.

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