Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

Date Thu, August 6 2009

applecinnamoncheeriosSomehow, this perfect product has existed for years before I would even realize it was around. Essentially, I picked it up as a substitute for Apple Jacks which, for some unknown reason, have ceased being any good at all. Now, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios lack the bright green and orangey-red appearance. They look like Cheerios sprinkled with cinnamon. Gee, makes sense, right?

It tastes similar to the Apple Jacks I used to love, except that it’s definitely less sugar saturated. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s still flavourful but it literally tastes more refreshing. Despite the lack of sugar, it seems that Apple Cinnamon Cheerios has more fat, cholesterol and carbs, though not by much (only a few percentage points). Apple Cinnamon Cheerios does have more minerals and higher amounts of several vitamins/minerals than Apple Jacks.

In the long run, though, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios tastes good whereas Apple Jacks now taste like crap. I think you can guess which gets my vote. I just wish it came in a larger box like regular Cheerios.

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  1. Dez August 6 2009 @ 6:31 pm

    I hate how the flavored Cheerios don’t come in a large box. :( I might have to try these out because I didn’t like how sugary the Apple Jacks were.

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